Recovery Toolbox Releases A User-friendly PST Repair Tool

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Corrupted PST file is often cited as the reason for many Outlook problems. Is there an effective solution to repair the corrupted PST file? In fact, Microsoft has included an inbuilt PST Repair tool, called Inbox Repair Utility. Running this utility, users can fix a number of Outlook problems arising from the corrupted PST files in the application. Unfortunately, the inbuilt Outlook repair tool sometimes fails to scan some complicated PST or OST files. Resultantly, users would have problems with their Outlook application even after successfully running the Inbox Repair Utility. Thankfully, Recovery Toolbox has come up with an effective solution called Outlook Recovery Toolbox.

What is Outlook Recovery Toolbox?

Outlook Recovery Toolbox is a third party Outlook repair tool. The developers of the tool, Recovery Toolbox, claims that ORT (Outlook Recovery Toolbox) is designed to address most types of Outlook problems related to corrupted PST or OST files, no matter the type of damage.

How does Outlook Recovery Toolbox repair and restore PST or OST files?

When a user runs the Outlook Recovery Toolbox, it scans all PST or OST files for errors. Once the scanning is over, it will have a list of corrupted PST or OST files in a special folder. The tool will then address the problems with those files and repair them. After that, the tool will restore them in a newly created PST file. The tool also restores data to VCF, MSG and EML files, ensuring total recovery of data in all these formats.

Outlook Recovery Toolbox – an Outlook tool meant for the average user

corrupted PST files

Recovery Toolbox has long acquired its reputation as the developer of user-friendly tools. With its latest tool for Outlook, it has lived up to its reputation. Any Outlook user with a limited exposure to recovery tools can execute Outlook Recovery Toolbox and get rid of the Outlook problems. This feature is totally in contrast with the inbuilt Inbox Repair Utility which many users find difficult to use. On the other hand, running the Outlook Recovery Toolbox is simple. You will find a clear description for every step you need to take to run the application. It would delete a file only after your commanding the program to do so.

Apparently, Outlook Recovery Toolbox is the easiest solution to most of the Outlook problems. Make sure that you read the user instructions carefully before executing this Outlook repair tool.