Features Of The Latest Windows Operating System

Windows 8 Features

The Best Features Of Windows 8

Have you tried out the latest Windows 8 operating system? The new Windows version come jam packed with cool new tools and a brand new interface unlike any other seen before. Here are some of the best Windows 8 features:

Applications for increasing productivity:

  1. Streamline your work: applications in Windows 8 Pro help customers do much more all with a simple tap or click.
  2. Easier to collaborate: sharing and communicating becomes easier as you can use your mail and Messenger apps right from the Start screen.
  3. Even finding applications is easier: you can also find new productivity apps with Dell’s built-in Windows Store. You can pin your favorite applications and folders right to the start screen thus giving you faster access to your data.

Cloud Connectivity:

  1. Get access to your settings across the network: settings and preferences are available on an Internet connected Dell PC running Windows 8 Pro.
  2. Get access to your content anywhere: Docs, calendars and all other files are available in the built-in Sky Drive for cloud access.
  3. Work on a Windows 8 Pro PC to get your job done: the new cloud connectivity gives you freedom to get your work done from any other Windows 8 PC without any hassles.

Efficient right from the Start: Among Windows 8 features the biggest is that booting time has been reduced by 33%.

  1. Customization is easier on Windows 8 so that you can personalize your PC to your preferences.
  2. Updates are quick and effective if you are connected to the internet. the windows 8 OS updates regularly whenever it can,

Touch Design

The Windows 8 operating system is specially designed for touch optimization. It works with basic simple gestures which allow users to interact with their achiness faster and quicker. Settings for touch can be altered by users to match their preferences.

Optimized for Professional Use

New Interface

Windows 8 Packs Sophisticated Tools

Enhances security features make the Windows 8 machine safe and secure.

Virtualization and manageability: the superb management and security features allow businesses to function more smoothly and effectively.

The new Windows 8 features the Internet Explorer 10 which has been specially designed to reduce time for searching and allowing faster interaction with content.

The new Windows 8 is new in so many different ways it would be a shame not to use the latest technology. Get the latest Windows version and get access to the new world of touch optimized Windows machines.

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