Windows 8.1 Finally Outsmarts Windows XP In Attracting Desktop Users

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As per the latest reports from the market, Windows 8.1 operating system continues to attract more desktop users, much to the relief of Microsoft. In November, the touch-centric OS version scored almost 12 percent of the total web traffic as seen by Net applications, which is a steady rise from the 10 percent observed in October. Also, Windows XP continued to witness a drop in the web traffic as its share fell from 17 percent in October to 13 percent last month.

Also, many users have been dialing the Windows support number to know how to upgrade to the latest touch-centric OS from their old versions. Looking at this scenario, one won’t be surprised if Windows 8.1 outsmarts XP as the second most popular desktop OS versions, behind only Windows 7 by early next year. As stated by StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen in a press release, “Following a somewhat mixed reaction to Windows 8, Windows 8.1 has made steady progress since its launch. It passed Windows 8 in August and has now passed Windows XP in November. The growth trajectory for Windows 8.1 has been positive but if current trends continue it will not topple Windows 7 before Windows 10 is launched in 2015.”

Windows 8.1 Operating System

Windows 7 continues to charm the users and the overall user share now accounts to almost 53 percent of the total Windows share in the market. When you compare the growth of Windows 8.1 to Windows 7, the user share of the former looks way behind the total supremacy of Windows 7. However, since Microsoft has already announced the end of mainstream support for Windows 7 by January, 2015, the number of users depending on Windows 8.1 only looks to increase in the coming months. With such an increasing trend, it won’t be surprising if Windows 8.1 outsmarts even Windows 7 in the coming months. The technicians at the Windows support number have also been warning the customers to upgrade their windows 7 systems to avoid security issues.

Microsoft has also launched a preview version of Windows 10, the operating system which is slated for a mid-2015 official launch. The operating system is said to comprise of several advanced and user-friendly features, the most important one being the return of the Start Menu. Evidently, the preview version of the operating system witnessed millions of downloads from the users across the globe.

It can be concluded that Microsoft is finally winning the battle in making users adopt the touch-centric OS versions like Windows 8.1.

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Updating Windows Media Player

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Windows Media Player is the native media player in Windows operating systems. It lets you play music, videos, and other content over the internet as well as locally. But there are changes happening all the time where multimedia is concerned, and in order to be able to handle the latest in this space, WMP needs to be kept updated. There are two methods available for getting the latest updates from Microsoft.

Automatic Update

  • Make sure that you’re logged in to the OS as the administrator. Then open WMP. Close any other projects you have running, after saving them.
  • Go to the Help menu at the top, which will show a drop-down. Go to the Check for Updates link, and then wait for the player to connect online. This might be worded slightly differently in some of the versions. Contact Windows online support if you have doubts in this regard.
  • Check for the availability of a WMP update. If there is one, then follow the steps mentioned on the screen to completely install it. If there’s no new update to be had, you’ll probably get the following message: Your computer is running the most recent version of Windows Media Player and all of its components. No update is available at this time.

Manual update

  • Hit the Start button and choose Run. When the dialog comes up, type in winver and then hit the OK button. This will show you the version number of your Windows OS, which you’ll need to note down. There will also be something called the Service Pack, which is important as well.

    Windows Operating Systems

  • Make sure that you’re logged in with admin privileges, and then open Windows Media Player. Save any projects you have running, and close them for until after the update.
  • Go to the Versions of Windows Media Player page from the browser tab, and pick the version which you think will be the most suitable for the version of OS you’re using, as well as the service pack.
  • Before clicking on the link, make sure to check the requirements once more. Then hit the Download Now button, for the player to start drawing the file from the online server. Save this in a location where you’ll be able to access it easily. Double click on the file from Explorer, to get the installation started.

For other tips and guidelines, check out our Windows online support section. You may use the search function to find a topic of interest.

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PowerPoint Zero Day Vulnerability Comes To Light

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Most users let the security protocols run lax until they hear about Zero-day attacks in the Windows Operating system. Only when you read about different security issues do you realize how cunning these attacks are and how enormous the damage can be. The latest security threat was realized in Microsoft PowerPoint. The latest zero-day vulnerability was uncovered in all supported versions of Microsoft Windows. Reports suggest that this security loophole has been actively targeted and attacked by malicious hackers. Contact our tech support service by calling on our Windows Support number in order to know more about the latest zero-day attack.

In response, Microsoft has recently issued a security advisory about a critical remote code execution flaw in its website. It suggests all versions of Microsoft Windows OSs except Windows Server 2003 could be infected. The only positive highlight about the attack is that they are targeted and extremely limited in nature. However, the fact that this is still an un-patched security loophole that does not bode well with Windows users.

Another point about the latest attack is that the attacks would require user interaction in order to execute the hack. When the hacker succeeds on running the hack on a User Access Control enabled computer, a notification message will pop-up. If the user denies access, the hacker will not be able to access any data. However, some users are in the habit of ignoring the details and accepting every notification. Contact our support staff by calling on our Windows Support Number in order to find out ways in which your computer can get infected.

Microsoft Windows

By making use of this vulnerability, malicious hackers can gain access to your computer by two different methods. They can create an infected PowerPoint file that they can email to a specific user. If the recipient is gullible enough to open the file, the malicious OLE object code will automatically execute on the computer, opening a passage for installation of more malware or opening a backdoor from where the hacker can gain access to your computer.

Other method for attacking involves creating a website with the infected content and fooling the user into opening the link. Merely entering the website will infect your computer. The malicious hackers usually send the hyperlinks of the infected website through email to an intended target. However, this also points to the fact that Microsoft has only found OLE object attacks with PowerPoint. Similar issue can prop up in any of the third-party files.

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Playing VOB Files In Media Player 11

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Users of the Windows operating system will know that Media Player is the default video playback program of the operating system. This program offers much functionality like ripping music from discs, burning new discs, and playback of audio and video files that are stored in their computers. This program offers much useful functionality to the others, but has its own limitations. One of the most common disadvantages of the program is that it is capable of reading only some file formats.

Windows Media Player program is unable to playback VOB files by default. If the user needs to play a VOB file in the Media Player program, he will need to do an upgrade to Media Player 11. This version of the program is capable of running VOB files. The Windows support number tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to upgrade the Media Player program to Media Player 11.


  • As the first step, you will need to buy or download the upgrade for the media player program. Next, you will be able to download the free k-lite codec from the Microsoft website. Downloading and installing this codec will help the Media Player 11 program to play many types of file formats, including VOB files.
  • Turn off the pop up blocker of the computer. The codec download will ask the users to save it via a pop up Windows Media Player Program

    window. If pop up is blocked, you will not be able to download it. To do this, you will have to click on Tools to open a drop down menu, scroll down the menu to choose Pop up blocker, and then choose Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.

  • To finish installation of the codec, you will need to follow the on screen prompts. In the process of installation, you can remove any check marks from the unwanted programs to be installed. For instance, often these downloads are bundled with installers of programs like Yahoo toolbar and Ask toolbar. These programs are not harmful, but if you do not use these toolbars, there is no need to install them.
  • Restart the PC after the codec installation. After the restart, you will be able to play VOB files in the Media Player 11 program.

These are the Windows support number tips to play VOB files in Media Player 11 program. To know more, you can contact our Windows help and support number.

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Microsoft To Kill Support For Older IE Versions

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It appears that Microsoft is planning to kill most of its Internet Explorer versions except a few of the recently released ones. Rumour has it that Microsoft is fed up with the recurring bug issues with some of its Internet Explorer versions and wants to put an end to this. A few months ago, the tech giant had to fight a nasty bug in an older IE version that was even compatible with the unsupported Windows XP. Hence, the bug fix had to be released for XP users as well. Microsoft fears that if similar bug issues recur, it has to compromise its Windows support policy.

Support for IE 8 and IE 10 to be terminated from January 2016

Microsoft has decided to give one year to the users of older IE versions up to IE 10 before they could migrate to latest versions. As part of the decision, the support for all IE versions from IE 10 and below will be terminated, meaning you have to upgrade your browser from IE 8 or IE 10 to IE 11 or the recent versions. Obviously, if you have Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will not have a supported IE web browser after January 2016.

Microsoft to release latest IE versions for Windows 7

Latest IE versions such as IE 12 and IE 13 are compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. However, for millions of the Windows 7 users, there is no compatible IE 13 version as of now. Microsoft assures that Windows 7 users will get their latest IE version (IE 13) shortly.

Users requested to have the latest IE version to download Windows update

Microsoft Support Desks

Microsoft said that users should have latest Internet Explorer versions in order to download updates in future. All IE versions since IE 11 will be compatible for downloading the updates. Furthermore, users are supposed to have the latest IE version (versions from IE 11) in order to receive any sort of technical support through Microsoft support desks such as Windows online support.

Microsoft’s decision to the kill older IE versions is certainly a good move. However, the move will affect enterprise IT admins as they have to ensure IE updates hereafter on a regular basis. Likewise, the decision by Windows online support to not support users who show up with outdated IE versions will discourage users who might be coming for upgrading their IE program to a latest version.

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