Linking Your Windows Account With An Online Email ID

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There are many people out there who don’t understand the benefits of linking their Windows account with an online ID. This is a commonly available option these days. If you have an email account, you can link it with your Windows online account, and doing this offers up the following advantages.

  • You can share files on the Homegroup using the online ID. That precludes the need for creating a Windows account from scratch, on another computer.
  • The online email ID can be used to get access to the information you’ve stored on other computers on the same network, and this is very useful in many cases, such as getting your home computer files while sitting in your office.

There are two parts to the process of linking the two accounts. The first one involves adding the online ID provider; after that you need to set up the online ID with the Windows account you’re using at the time. All of this is explained below, but if you need further help, you may call Windows online support.

There are a few things you need for this feature to be usable. One of these is that the computer must be part of the homegroup. To set that up, use the help option in the OS, which can be accessed by hitting the F1 key. You also need to know that the linking feature does not work on computers running Windows Server 2008 R2.

Adding an online ID provider

  • Go to the Start menu and then to Control Panel. From there, choose User Accounts, which will be under User Accounts and Family Safety.
  • Choose the Link online IDs option, and then Add an online ID provider.
  • Find the online provider on the list shown here, and then follow the prompts to complete the setup.
Online Email ID

Linking the ID to the Windows account

  • Go to User Accounts the same way you did for adding the online ID. Move to the Link online IDs option.
  • Find the provider to link your Windows account with, and then select Link Online ID.
  • Type in the credentials for the online ID, which comprise the user name and the password for the account. Then hit the Sign in button.

That was on how to set up your online email ID with your Windows account. For similar Windows online support tips and guidelines, check out the latest posts here.

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Fixing Windows Update Error Code 0x80070424

Windows Support Number

If you have freshly installed the Windows operating system on your PC and are trying to do a Windows Update, it can fail to do so at times. This is very common with the Windows 2003 Server. This issue can be caused due to a number of reasons and some of them are listed below.

  • Windows Update database getting corrupted
  • The antivirus program of your PC is configured to scan the %Windir%SoftwareDistribution folder
  • The Background Intelligent Transfer Service of Windows does not get a content link header
  • Errors in Windows Installer
  • A necessary system file is incorrectly registered
  • The Windows Update service stopped while installing
  • File version conflict with the Update agent files of Windows

These are some of the common causes of the error 0x80070424 in Windows Update. The Windows support number guidelines that are shared below will help you to fix the error easily.


  • Turn on your computer and then click on the Start button.
  • Type in services.msc into the search box and the click on the Enter key.
  • Go to Background Intelligent Transfer Service and then check the status of the service.
  • If Stopped is the status, right click on the Background Intelligent Transfer Service and then select Start from the popup menu.
  • Locate Windows Update and then check the Status of this service too.
  • If the Status is stopped, right click on it and then select Start from the menu.
  • Find Workstation and then check its status.

    Windows 2003 Server

  • If its status is stopped, right click on it and then choose Start in the popup menu.
  • After doing the above steps, you can close Services.

After doing the above steps, you can try to perform Windows Update again. If you have done the above steps correctly, the Windows Update will take place without any issues. Running the Windows Update utility regularly helps to keep your computer safe and protected from attacks. This will also help you to keep your software programs updated. By running Windows Update, you will also be able to update the latest patches and performance improvements. This will help you to make your computer fast, smooth and safe.

The above discussed are the simple steps to fix the 0x80070424 error that appears while running Windows Update. For further help on the steps, you can contact the Windows support number.

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Steps To Recover Password From Windows Registry

Windows Support Number

Majority of you would be having an email account. Email accounts are used to communicate with your loved ones through emails. Some of you might even have two or more email accounts. While using two or more email accounts, chances are high that you might forget the password of any of the email accounts. So, how can you recover the password of the program? If you are using Windows XP operating system, you can recover the password from the registry of the program.

According to the technician and Windows support number, Windows Registry is the place where all the settings of various programs that you use in your computer are saved. Some of the settings are saved in an encrypted format while others are saved without encryption. In this post, we will find out how to recover the password from the Windows registry.

Steps Involved

  • Turn on the computer and once you login to the desktop screen, press the Windows key in the keyboard.
  • The above step will open the Start menu of the operating system.
  • Choose the option Run in the Start menu, which is present at the right pane of the window.
  • With the above step, a small window will come up with the heading Run.
  • Type regedit in the Run window and press the Enter key in the keyboard or click the OK button.
  • The above step will open the window for Windows Registry.
  • In the Windows Registry window, choose the option Edit from the menu bar.

    Windows XP

  • From the menu that comes up, select Find. A small window comes up where you need to enter the email address of which you need to recover the password. Once you enter the email address, click the button Find Next.
  • Keep pressing the F3 key until you the find option that takes you to the email settings window.
  • You will find that the password is stored in the key for email settings. Double click the key and you will be able to view the value.
  • If the value is a set of characters, it means that the password is encrypted. If it is in plain text format, you can view the password and use it to login to the email account.

If the password is in encrypted format, you will have to contact the technician at the Windows support number or the email service provider for resetting.

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Using Windows Media Player To Send Files To iPod

Windows Tech Support

The iPod has native support for few apps outside those which Apple releases, and for this reason, the iTunes client is an indispensible tool if you want to transfer stuff to or from a computer. Windows users, however, are more inclined to use Windows Media Player for handling media files. It can be configured to work with your iPod, so that the files on the device can be accessed directly. There’s no need to call Windows tech support for something this simple.

  • Plug in the iPod and launch iTunes in Windows. In the left navigation panel you’ll see the device shown as connected; select this. Go to the Settings tab, and deselect the Open iTunes when this iPod is connected option. Instead, leave a check in the box beside Manually manage music. Close the application and disconnect the iPod.
  • Launch Windows Media Player and go to the Rip tab. Go to the drop-down menu and choose Format as the action, and then MP3 as the format. Close the WMP window.
  • Find and download the MGTEK dopisp plug-in over the internet. Save the downloaded executable file somewhere safe on your hard drive, and then open it to start installing. Follow the prompts and see the installation through.
  • Launch Windows Media Player once more. Plug in the iPod and it should appear on the left navigation panel in the application window.

    iTunes In Windows

  • Hit the Sync button you see on the top right panel. This will bring up another window to that side, where you can drag in and drop the media files you wish synced to the device. You’ll find the Sync List section there by default. Drop the files into this, and when you’re done adding them, hit Start Sync. With that, the outbound transfers will start.

Make sure that the files are all of the MP3 format, and not WMA. The latter is a Windows Media Player format which won’t work on Apple’s devices, so there’s no use having such a file in your iPod. If you have WMA files, convert them first and then send them over.

If the transfers get halted midway, or if the WMA file conversion turns out to be an issue, check out related Windows tech support posts here. Use the search function to find relevant reading on your subject of choice.

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Removing Help And Support From Windows XP

Windows Support Number

Users of the Windows operating system may have used Windows Help And Support Center. It is nothing but a software tool that offers troubleshooting tips for the Windows users. This tool can be of much help to the basic users but the advanced users might find the tool a burden. If you are a beginner in Windows operating system, the tool can help you much to know more on the features and functionalities of the operating system. For the advanced users of Windows, the tool is nothing but a burden and waste of space.

Many of the users find the tool much annoying and do not like to use it. You will be able to get rid of the tool from your PC in just a few steps. The Windows support number tips that are shared below will help you to know more the steps to be done to remove Windows Help And Support feature.


  • Turn on your computer and navigate to desktop. In the desktop, select Start button. You will be taken to the Start menu.
  • Below the Search button, you will be able to locate Run. Click on it to select it.
  • Type regedit.exe into the run line and then hit the Enter key. You will be taken to a window that shows the list of folders. This is the Windows registry. This is the most important part of the Windows operating system and it holds data for all the programs to run. This means that you should be very much careful while making changes in the registry values. Make sure that you do not delete any of the entries or values, until and unless you know what you are deleting.
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\ Software\\ Microsoft\\ Windows\\ CurrentVersion\\ Explorer\\ Advanced
  • In the right pane, you will need to right-click and then select New. Now you can select DWORD value.

    Help And Support Center

  • Now you can give the name NoStartMenuHelp to the DWORD value.
  • After making the value, you can right-click on it and then change the value to 1.
  • Close registry editor and then restart your computer.

These are the steps to remove the Windows Help and Support feature. As you are changing the registry values, you should be very much careful while doing the steps. If you would like to get more assistance in removing Windows Help and Support Center, you can contact the Windows support number.

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