Setting Up Default Email And Browser Programs In XP

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The users of the Windows XP operating system will be able to browse the Internet or pick up their email in more than one way. There are numerous web browsers and local email readers available these days. To specify which programs are set in the Windows XP operating system, you can follow the Windows support number tips that are discussed below.


  • Turn on your PC and open Internet Options from the Control Panel.
  • Select the Programs tab.
  • From the Email drop down list, you can select an email program.
  • Near the item Internet Explorer Should Check to See Whether It Is the Default Browser, add a check mark. This option is located at the bottom of the dialog box. When this option is checked, Internet Explorer will ask the users to make it the default web browser. The user will then be able to switch browsers, between Internet Explorer and other web browsers.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • After doing the above steps, you can close the Control Panel window.

Whenever the user installs new Internet software, like a new email program or web browser, the system will ask whether the user wishes to make it the default program. Selecting Yes will set the new software as the default one.

  • Internet Explorer is the preferred web browser in the Windows operating system. Sometimes, Internet Explorer runs, as Windows wants it to run, regardless of the browser that is set up as the default one.

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  • It is very silly that Windows XP lacks a better option to choose the default browser. As Microsoft is no longer supporting the Windows XP web browser, the best solution is to get a newer version of the Windows operating system.
  • Some of the programs, like Internet Explorer, incessantly ask the users whether they need them to be the default every single time they run, even after you specify some another program as the default one.

These are the simple and easy to follow steps to set Internet Explorer as the default web browser in Windows XP operating system. If you have any doubts in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can contact the Windows support number for further assistance. They will be able to finish the steps without getting any errors. You may also refer to the Windows XP help modules in the Microsoft website.

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HP To Help Windows XP Transition Process

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The multinational information technology corporation, Hewlett-Packard (HP), recently announced their collaborative initiative with software giant Microsoft Corporation to aid users or customers in the transition from the aging Windows operating system Windows XP to newer versions of Windows.

This effort by the company is understandable, considering the end of support for Windows XP. There are many users that have not yet migrated to a more current version of the Windows.

HP is offering wide variety of specialized workforce experienced and highly trained to handle various issues using highly advanced training tools. This ensures the seamless, smooth and cost-effective transition from Windows XP to newer versions of Windows operating systems. In addition to that there is an effective services model provided by them. This way the Information Technology giant can reduce the maintenance and support, enhance productivity, bring down costs and increase protection from various security threats.

This is a touch-enabled world and HP knows very well how to deliver quality services and produce high quality products, keeping in mind the changing work styles. This is precisely why HP’s business desktops, AIOs, are now optimized for Windows 7 and Windows 8 OSs.

The company is taking a holistic view across software and hardware for achieving complete optimization. HP’s global reach and in depth experience has helped in establishing HP Enterprise Services as a leader in the personal computer market. HP services offer staffing, planning and automation to make it possible to more expeditiously deploy new personal computers or upgrade existing systems. There are expert technical personnel that work with various businesses for specific design plan which helps in smoother and seamless migration.

Ensures The Seamless

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The transition from Windows XP to the newer Windows Operating Systems is vital part for providing customers or users with productive and integrated experience. There a certain HP services offering a huge range of windows tech support and consulting services for all stages of the Windows XP transition process. This is a part of their strategy to handle the shifting needs of their business.

HP tech services provide HP client Migration services for matching individual scenarios with the appropriate software upgrade. Now the service allows access to the company’s global network of expert professionals. HP offers its various channel partners windows tech support and resources to help their users in the transition process. They can now make use of advanced training tools, great resources and various program benefits.

Businesses are already realizing the various benefits of migrating to Windows 7 and Windows 8 due to efforts of HP.

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Sending Fax Through Windows

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Windows has always been introducing innovative ideas to make working with computers and its related processes easy. With every release of a new version, there would be a feature that is new and unique. For about two decades, Microsoft has been the most favorite choice among people. They are also good at providing support to people through the Windows support number, which is a toll free helpline for all the Microsoft users.

One of the innovative features that Microsoft has launched is the facility to send fax through the computer. You also have an option to scan a document before faxing it.

Windows Fax and Scan is pre-installed in computers that have the latest copy of Microsoft Windows, this allows us to use a computer as a fax machine This is aimed at reducing the cost of paper and the desk space, by integrating everything into a single machine. You will be able to send any file, like digital media from the hard disk of the computer through a medium to send fax like a fax modem or a server. Here are the instructions to send a fax from the computer.


  • Click on the Start menu, which is present to the lower left corner of the Windows desktop.
  • Place the pointer on the option All Programs. From the ensuing list, place the mouse pointer on the option that says Windows Fax And Scan.
  • From the two options that you get, click on Fax, since that is what we are about to do.
  • In the To field, enter the number of the person to whom you are sending a fax. There is a Subject field for you to enter the subject of the fax transmission.

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  • It is the same way as you do in emails; there is a space to enter the Contents of the fax transmission. If you need anybody’s attention in particular, you can add that as well.
  • Next would be obliviously to attach the file that you want to fax. Click on the Paper Clip icon to attach the file.
  • Finally, click on Send in order to send the fax information. If required, you can Print the confirmation receipt of the fax sent.

Hence, it is very easy and simple to send a fax through a Windows computer. If you face issues, seek help from the Windows support number.

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Turning Off Windows Search Indexing In Vista

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Windows Vista is one of the platforms developed by Microsoft and sadly, it could not reflect the usual standards set by Microsoft platforms. Vista came with a big bang and its graphics were its highlights. However, Vista turned to be a sluggish platform, which forced lot many users to switch back to their good old XP. However, you can definitely find many users still sticking on with their Vista platforms.

If you use Windows Vista and if you have trouble disabling the Windows Search Indexing, you can definitely follow the instructions given below.

  • Select the Start button on your desktop and in the Search field, you can type services.msc. Now press the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Now Microsoft Windows services will open up. From the features that are displayed, you can select the Windows Search option.
  • Now a prompt will open up which would be Windows Search Properties ( Local Computer).
  • Below the General tab, you will find the Startup tab and you can choose Disabled.
  • You can select Stop and the service will be stopped completely.
  • Now select the Apply button and choose OK.

Since indexing features have been disabled, you will find that your computer is a bit faster than before. Now, you have simply disabled the feature. But you can even deduct the number of locations that will be displayed in the Windows search indexing. This can anyways speed up your computer. You can access this feature whenever you wish.

The above mentioned instructions are simple enough, yet contacting Windows online support might prove to be helpful if need arises.

Ways to disable the service indexing in Vista

  • Click on the Start button and select Control Panel. In the search field, you can type indexing and press the Enter button.

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  • Choose the Indexing Options link. Now, a list of all programs and locations will come up, which possess the indexing feature and they will be below Included Locations heading.
  • You can reduce the location numbers by selecting Modify.
  • Choose Change selected locations window and choose Show all locations. This is meant to display locations including the hidden ones.
  • You can uncheck the boxes so that you could exclude them from the list of programs that are indexed.
  • You can review the settings and select the Close button and this will close the window.
  • You can now reboot your computer.

These are the different instructions that you can follow for disabling service indexing in Vista. You may contact Windows online support, if you require assistance.

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Fixing Blocked Start Up Programs In Windows

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Windows operating system is the commonly used operating system by many individuals for both personals and business purposes. Because of the popularity for Windows operating systems, Microsoft frequently comes up with various versions of it and the latest one released by Microsoft is Windows 8. However, you may experience some Windows problems where you will see blocking of some start up programs and a message saying ‘Windows Has Blocked Some Startup Programs’ appear on your screen.

Dealing with such an issue requires some patience and can be solved easily by following the below set of instructions taken from the Windows support number.

In Windows XP and Windows Vista

  • Navigate to the bottom left corner of your screen and click the button that is labeled Start. From the Windows Start menu, you need to click the option called All Programs followed by choosing Windows Defender. Windows defender usually comes preinstalled with Windows Vista operating system; however, in Windows XP, it is available as an optional upgrade.
  • From the top of the window, you need to click the link labeled Tools.
  • Next, you need to select the tool called Software Explorer.
  • Now, from the drop down list of Category, you need to choose the Start up programs. From here, you can select all the programs that are to be included in the start up.
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In this way, you will be able to block or remove a program that is present in the list. After selecting the program, you need to select the option called Disable or Remove. In most cases, you can find the program that is blocked in the area named Quarantine. To find this,

  • From the top of the window, you need to select the option called Tools.
  • From there, you need to choose Quarantine items. If you can notice any items under the list of blocked items, you can remove them from Quarantine area by just clicking the button called Restore.
  • When you are done, close the window for Windows defender.

Sometimes, some of the software installed in your computer can block some of the programs from startup. In addition, anti-virus software can also stop some of the programs from start up. These tips provided by the Windows support number technicians will help you to fix start up program issues in Windows.

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