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Even after the release of Microsoft’s recent update to Windows 8, the Windows 8.1 update, Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 comparisons seem to make subject of debate among many. According to experts, Windows 8.1 is not bad in terms of features and performance. However, the operating system, with its touch orientation, seems to be a failure on desktops and laptops. Nevertheless, Windows 8.1 is far ahead of its predecessor Windows 8. Understandably, Microsoft has done a good job to make Windows 8.1 look better than Windows 8. The Redmond giant has added a slew of features to Windows 8.1 in addition to the enhancements and improvements it added to the existing features.

Meanwhile, another report indicates that the market share of Windows XP has gained slightly even though the support for XP ended on 8th of April this year. The tech giant is studying the reasons behind the marginal increase in the market share of XP. Of late, XP holds 25.31 percent of the total Windows market share. In April, XP market share was 25.25 percent, down by 0.6%.

Windows 7 continues to gain market share

During the last quarter, Windows 7 marked a remarkable gain in the market share. Windows 7 market share in the end of May was 50.06% as against the current market share of 50.55%. Obviously, the increase in the market share of Windows 7 paves way for more frequent Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 comparisons among users and critics.

XP Market Share

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Windows 8 loses market share after the release of Windows 8.1

According to the recent statistics, Windows 8 and Windows Vista are the two operating systems that are losing the market share. In May, Windows 8 held 6.29% of the total Windows market share. It declined by 0.36% to reach 5.93%, the current market share. During this period, Windows 8.1 gained 0.26% to reach 6.61% from 6.35%. What is clear from this trend is that Windows 8.1 is gaining market share at the loss of Windows 8. In fact, Microsoft is exactly looking for this.

Microsoft said that the growth of Windows 8.1 is slow but steady. If the current trend continues, Windows 8.1 would manage to gain at least 10% of the total Windows market share by the end of this year. Microsoft also expressed hope that the upcoming update, codenamed Windows 8.1 update 2 will trigger the growth of Windows 8.1. So, there will be more frequent and detailed Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 comparisons.

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Microsoft To Continue The Game For Windows Live Online Service

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About Games For Windows Live Service

It seems that Microsoft has not yet made up their mind on what to do with their Games for Windows Live service. The initial reports about Microsoft ending the Game for Windows Live service altogether has turned out to be fake. Now, more rumors are doing the rounds about Microsoft’s plans to give the site a complete overhaul or merging it with the very successful Xbox Live service.

Windows online support for Games for Windows Live service to continue

It is clear that Microsoft will not leave the online PC gaming market soon. Even if they end Games for Windows Live service, they will replace it with a new one or accommodate Windows PC gamers in the Xbox Live gaming service platform, which is already doing very well.

All this started with a blog post from Microsoft on the Age of Empires Online support website. While announcing the discontinuation of the Age of Empires Online game title in the blog, it was also mentioned that this would coincide with the end of Games for Windows Live service on the same date.

Though this blog post was removed soon, it led to all this speculation about Microsoft’s plans for ending Games for Windows Live service. Microsoft’s clarifications did not put an end to the issue either. The statement issued by them did not clearly state whether they had any plans for ending the Windows online support for Games for Windows Live.

PC Gaming Platform

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With the so-called July 1 deadline gone, it is now clear that they were just rumours after all. Microsoft recently issued a new statement affirming their support for the online PC gaming service. But, how can they explain actions of their gaming partners switching from Games for Windows Live to other rival online gaming service platforms like Steam?

Many online gaming titles including Microsoft-owned ‘Ms. Splosion Man’ made the switch from Games for Windows Live to Steam recently. In fact, some might argue that it was actually this exodus rather than the quickly removed Microsoft blog post, which caused all these rumours. On the other hand, all Windows PC gamers can relax for now, as Microsoft clearly has declared to maintain an online PC gaming platform.

For now, just ignore all these rumours and enjoy the gaming titles you have left in the Games for Windows Live service, until an official announcement from Microsoft comes forth.

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Tapatalk App Gets Launched For Windows 8.1 Phones

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Tapatalk is an application that allows the users to access various internet forums on mobile devices. This application has been developed to allow the mobile users to get access to forums and was originally designed for Android. Now, the application is also found to be compatible with iOS and Windows 8.1 Phone systems.

According to the Windows online support, Windows Phone users can now install the Tapatalk app and get access to various discussion forums easily. As per a thread posted in one of the discussion forums, the app description for the Windows Phone devices reads as follows, “Discover robust online communities and stay connected with your favorite forums on-the-go with this award-winning mobile app. Tapatalk is the only mobile app combining over 50,000 internet communities in a streamlined mobile experience. Fast and accessible features allow you to read posts, share photos, and keep updated on private messages in all your forum communities within a single mobile app.”

Many users, however, after installing Tapatalk app, called up the Windows online support team to know more about the features of the app and how it would let them access the forums. The technicians stated that the Tapatalk app lets a user search for a forum that matches the interest of the user. Once it finds it, the app lets the user to navigate that particular forum. For this, this application accumulates content from a network of communities that covers a wide variety of interests.

Landscape Layouts

Windows Phone Devices

Some of the interesting features of the Tapatalk app include optimization for all Windows devices that have ARM processors. This app is also optimized for high resolution displays in both portrait and landscape layouts. The best part about this forum accessing app is that using this, you can browse over 50,000 forums, which is actually phenomenal. The app also provides unlimited image hosting option for the photos that the users take on their mobile devices. In addition to it, having the Tapatalk ID helps a user to save and sync the forums he has accessed through various devices.

The latest version of the app comprises of Push notifications and toast support in addition to various other improvements. This app is available free of cost for the Windows Phone users and for the time being, it only works on devices with ARM processors. To know more about installing the Tapatalk app in your Windows Phone, you may get in touch with our technical support team.

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Create User Account In Vista Through Command Line

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Windows Vista Support

Vista is one of the older Windows operating systems that still enjoys support from Microsoft. The software giant released Windows Vista in 2007 preceded by XP. Mainstream support for the operating system was stopped in 2012. Nevertheless, the OS is scheduled to receive extended support through Windows support number until 2017.

Creating User accounts in Vista

Vista is integrated with many advanced features. The OS has a customer-friendly User Interface. In Vista, you can find simple methods to execute complicated and time-consuming tasks like creating user accounts or changing user account passwords. In order to create a new user account in your Vista OS, all you need to do is to go to the command line tool and execute the ‘net user’ command. Likewise, you can change the password of the user account from the command line. This option can be of great use for network administrators who want to reset user account passwords in large numbers.

In order to create a new user account or change user account password from Vista command line, you need to have administrator privileges. Changing the password through the command line is easy and simple because it does not require you to go to the Control Panel settings. It can be extremely useful when you have to create several user accounts or change user account passwords at a time. Review the following steps to learn how to create a new user account in Vista through Command Line.


  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the Start button.
  • Select the search text box and enter cmd in the type field.
  • Press the Enter button on your keyboard to proceed. Vista will initiate the command line utility now.

    Vista Support

    Windows Support For Vista

  • In the command line, enter net user administrator/add and hit the Enter button to proceed.
  • A user account will be created now. Nevertheless, the account will not be password-protected. You ought to password-protect the account if you do not entertain unauthorized access from other users.
  • To set a password for the account, enter newpass in the command line and hit the Enter button. Follow the directions to add a password.

That’s it. You have successfully created a user account in your Vista PC and protected the account with a password. If you come across any unexpected errors while creating the user account via command line or afterword, get in touch with Vista support through the Windows support number and request for assistance.

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Procedure To Fix Windows Update Issues

Windows Tech Support

Windows Tech Support Help

Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems developed by the software giant Microsoft Corporation. Any good software requires regular updates for keeping it up to date and secure. Windows is no different. Windows Update is a service available for Windows users to freely update their computer systems. It is an important utility in that regularly updates your system by installing the latest security and software patches. If you have not disabled it, Windows Update usually automatically does all this right from the time Windows is installed.

Now, if the Windows Update utility is not functioning properly, then there are times you may encounter issues with Windows Updates. In order to resolve this problem, you can launch the troubleshooting application, and then manually install updates to your system. This Windows tech support article will help you fix such issues and problems.

Windows tech support instructions

  • Resolving Windows Update Issues.
  • First, you need to navigate to the Start menu. This can be accessed by clicking on the Start button (located at the lower left corner of the desktop screen).
  • Then you need to point to Control Panel and then click on it.
  • After that, you need to go to the top of the screen, and then enter the word Troubleshooter in the search box field.
  • Thereafter, you need to go to the System Security section, and then click on Fix Problems with Windows Update.

Install Windows Updates manually

  • You need to go to the Start menu. This menu can be accessed by clicking on the Start button (located in the lower left
    Encounter Issues

    Windows Tech Support Info

    corner of the desktop screen). Then, enter the words Windows Update in the search box, and click on Windows Update.

  • Then, you need to click on Check for Updates.
  • Thereafter, you need to click on the Install Updates when the operating system has completed searching for available updates.
  • Then, you need to enable Windows to automatically install updates. After that, in the Windows Update dialogue box, you need to click on change Settings. Subsequently, you need to select the Install Updates Automatically option.

Troubleshooting the application should fix the problem concerning Windows Updates, followed by manual installation of updates into the computer system.

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