Get Rid Of Babylon Toolbar From Your PC

Babylon toolbar removal

Learn to uninstall Babylon

Babylon is a computer dictionary and a translation program, which was developed in the year 1997. It has an intrusive behavior and hence not all like to have it installed in the browser or the computer. Due to this, people opt for a Babylon toolbar removal. Read on to get to know how to have Babylon and its toolbar removed from your computer.

To Uninstall From The Computer

  • Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and hit the letter R to open the Run window.
  • In the space provided, type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter to open Add/remove programs.
  • In the list that has been populated, look for Babylon. Double Click on it to uninstall, this will prompt the Babylon uninstalling wizard where you will have to select Uninstall.
  • After this double check if the software has been uninstalled completely. Go back to the Add/remove programs window and check if Babylon has been removed or not.

However, there is an alternate method to remove Babylon. Browse to the location C:\Program Files\Babylon\Babylon-Pro\Utils\ where you will locate uninstbb.exe, execute it by double clicking on it.

To Uninstall From Internet Explorer

  • Open the Internet Explorer, and locate its Options. If you are using IE 9 or IE 10, click on the Tool button and then Manage Add-Ons. If you are using IE 8, then select the option Manage Add-Ons.
  • Select the Toolbars And Extensions option from the new window that has appeared, after which you will have to look for Babylon, when you find it, Disable the toolbar by right clicking on it

    add/remove programs

    Follow same instructions to get rid of toolbar

  • Next, click on the Search Providers category, if you find any traces of Babylon, try to remove it. Also, remember to set your default search engine as Google or Bing according to your preference.
  • Now close the Internet Explorer and open it again. Now you will have to make changes in the default home page. Click on the Tools option and change the URL if it is Change it to,, or any other page.
  • After setting your homepage, click on Apply to bring about the changes made. Restart the browser in order to apply the changes.

Try these simple methods to uninstall Babylon from your computer. If you are not able to do a successful Babylon toolbar removal, then try to upgrade your browser and antivirus software program and then try to uninstall it.

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Window Online Support

Window Online Support Article

One of the most shocking Microsoft news in recent times is the shutting down of Marketplace on and within the PC client. Another surprising new is that of the future of Games for Windows LIVE. It appears that Microsoft has plans to shut down the Games for Windows LIVE platform itself. At present, the software company has not yet commented on the reported closing, but did provide the time of death, so to speak, on the Age of Empires Online support page, which has since been edited to remove the closure date.

This was in a way becoming clear after Warner Bros. confirmed that Batman: Arkham Origins will not use Games for Windows LIVE, but Steamworks instead, for achievements and multiplayersupport. There was no multiplayer in the first two installments, but they did use Games for Windows LIVE to track achievements. Another unfortunate development is that even Capcom is supposedly dropping Games for Windows LIVE for Ultra Street Fighter IV in favor of Steamworks after usingMicrosoft’s platform in previous PC games like Super Street Fighter IV, Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 5 and more.

According to IGN Microsoft has not made any significant updates to the “Games for Windows LIVE” platform since 2008. At present, only a handful few of recent PC games have used the platform including Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, Iron Brigade, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and Ms. Splosion Man. The list of series that have dropped Games for Windows LIVE support include BioShock, Fallout, Red Faction and more.

According to the previous “Age of Empires Online support” page, “Games for Windows LIVE” will be discontinued on July 1, 2014. “Although it is available through Steam, Age of Empires Online requires features of the Games for Windows Live service,” the company previously stated. “You can continue to enjoy all the features of Age of Empires Online as the service will remain 100% operational until July 1, 2014 when the server will shut down.”

Traditional Landline Phone Systems

Window Online Support System

Now, with the statement now offline and when the Microsoft Company shutting down the platform’s Marketplace, there seems to be absolutely no question if the company really plans to take the service offline. The company even stated in a recent FAQ that it would no longer sell “Games for Windows LIVE” titles published by Microsoft from any marketplace. For other titles, Microsoft directs gamers to the third-party publishers. In-game purchases and regarding other downloadable content, purchase availability will vary based on the game.

We hope that this Windows online support article was informative. For other news or help regarding Windows, then you can refer to Window online support articles available online.

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Windows online support

online support

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system that is still running in the world with full support from its developer. One of the important facts with the Windows 7 operating system is that almost all of the issues affecting the system can be solved by making use of built-in fixes. There is no need to look for expensive support technicians for fixing the issues with the program as Microsoft itself is providing Windows online support for fixing the issues with the operating system.

One of the best methods to stay away from errors is to make sure that you do perform an occasional defragmentation of the hard disk as it will automatically fix any errors found with the hard disk. You can also set the computer to run these programs in a periodic interval like on every month or every Thursdays etc. You can also set the program to run when the user is not busy running any other programs so that the process may complete faster. This will make the system to run smoother and faster than it was previously running.

Windows online support advises you to check with your registry for registry errors as it is found to be one of the causes for making

the system run slow. If there are any errors with the Windows registry, you can fix them using auto fix programs for the errors

Microsoft help

get Windows online support

from windows 7 help and support team. The errors will disappear in a moment and you will be able to run the computer smoothly thereafter. However when you check for auto correct programs, make sure that you do so by typing in the version of the operating system you have installed on your computer as the fix developed for one version of the operating system may not work for the other.

According to Windows online support, upgrading your computer to the latest version is one of the best methods to make sure that you have the best working computer. However if upgrading is not an option, at least update the software in a regular basis so that the system will be in safe condition and will be able to protect itself from issues and errors. If you are having issues with updating of the software, contact the Microsoft help and support team for getting fixes for the systesm.

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Windows Online Support

Windows Operating Systems

If you have two or more computers at your home, then you would probably be using a router to provide internet connection to these computers. Wireless routers are more popular as they distribute the signals wirelessly that can be accessed by multiple devices.

Now, if you do not protect the router with a password, anyone can access it and in turn use it to connect to the internet. This will result in data loss and slow connections for your computers or laptops. According to Windows online support, the only effective method to prevent unauthorized access to your router is to protect it with a password.

However, what will you do if you forget the router password? In this condition, it would become difficult for you to add new devices to the router and only those devices would work with the router that automatically remembers the router password. Now, in this post, we will take you through the steps to find the password set on your router.

Steps Involved

  • Unplug all cables to and from the router. Plug each of these cables back and turn on the computer.
  • Verify if the computer has proper connection to the router.
  • Navigate to the folder for network connections. For this, click Windows log on the desktop to open the Start menu. Choose Control Panel and select the option Network Connections.
  • In the Network Connections window, you will find various connections configured in the computer. From them, right click the router icon and choose the option Status.
  • Choose the tab Support. Make a note of the default gateway, which you see in the window.

    Technical Support

    Windows Security Center

  • Next step is to launch an internet browser and enter the default gateway in the browsers address bar. Once you finish entering the default gateway, press the Enter key in the keyboard.
  • The above step will take you to the router configuration window.
  • Go to the settings in the program and look for an option Security key. You can find the security key of your router in this section.

With the above steps, you can find the security key set on the router. If you are still unable to find the security key for the router, you may reset the router and reconfigure it. In order to reset the router and reconfigure it, you may contact Windows online support or our technical support team for assistance.

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Outlook Address Book

Outlook contacts

Microsoft office suite consists of a number of useful applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint and the like. Outlook, an application included in the Office suite is an email client, which means users can use it as a hub to send and receive emails. To use Outlook to send and receive emails, users ought to set up their favourite email account in it. Well, it is not just emailing that Outlook lets you do. Other major features of the application include Outlook Address Book (a place where you can manage all your contact details), task manager and Outlook calendar.

Outlook allows users to import contacts from multiple email accounts. Apparently, this is the best way to have all your contacts in a single location. You can set up your Outlook Address Book as your primary location for all contact details by importing contacts from other email accounts. Here in this article, you will find how to import contacts to Outlook from your Yahoo account. You can follow the same steps for importing contacts from other accounts as well.


  • Login to your Yahoo account.
  • Go directly to the tab titled Contacts, which you would find at the top navigation bar of your Yahoo mail account.
  • Locate and press the downward arrow, which is located close to the Tools button.
  • This will display a drop-down menu. Highlight the Export link from the menu to proceed. When prompted with further options of formatting the export, press the Export Now option that matches with the Microsoft Outlook label. Your contacts in .xls format (Microsoft Excel sheet) will be downloaded and saved in the download folder.

You have exported the contacts from your Yahoo account. Now, you need to import it to Outlook in order to add the contacts to Outlook Address Book. Follow these steps for this.


  • Open Outlook and navigate to File> Import and Export >Import from another program or file.

    Microsoft office suite

    Manage Outlook Address book

  • After that, press Next and choose Microsoft Excel as the type of file you import followed by clicking next.
  • Press the Browse button and choose the .xls file you have downloaded from Yahoo.
  • When prompted to specify the import destination, press Contacts folder and click Next to proceed.
  • Press OK followed by Finish and you are done.

You have now successfully imported contacts to Outlook Address Book from your Yahoo account. If you have any further concerns regarding customising your Outlook Contacts book, contact the Outlook help desk online.

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