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A contact group, also called as a mailing list, is a collection of contacts that simplifies the process of sending email messages to groups of contacts. When you send a message to a contact group, you will be able to save time by not having to add addresses of all the recipients to the message. You will be able to send the message to everyone in the group at once.

Groups in the Windows Live Hotmail program are useful for sending messages to a group of contacts. Instead of typing so many email addresses, the users just need to type only one nickname. This group nickname is expanded to all the group member’s email addresses automatically by the Windows Live Hotmail program. This is the reason why putting such a group nickname in the To: or Cc: filed is usually not a great idea. If you do this, every recipient will be able to see all the other recipients’ email addresses. The Windows online support tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to send an email message to a group of contacts in the Windows Live Hotmail program.


  • Open Windows Live Hotmail program and then make a group in it.
  • Now you can make the email message that you need to send to the contact group.
  • Select Show Cc & Bcc.
  • You may then type the nickname of the group in the Bcc filed. Alternatively, you may insert it from the Windows Live Hotmail address book.
  • You can then compose the email message and then send it.
  • This message will be delivered automatically to all the members of the group.

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If you need, you may put your email address in the To: field of the Windows Live Hotmail group message, but you may just as well leave it empty. These are the simple steps to send messages to a group in the Windows Live Hotmail program. You may follow these steps carefully so that you do not encounter any errors. If you wish to know more on these steps, or would like to get more assistance in finishing these steps, you can contact the Windows online support team. They will be able to help you finish these steps without encountering any Windows errors.

You may also refer to the Hotmail help modules that are posted in the official Microsoft website to know more on these steps.

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What Next After End Of Support For Windows XP

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Now that the official support for Windows XP has ended, most of the users are wondering what’s in store next. If you are one among the huge corporate companies with plenty of money to spend on the security of the entire corporate network, Microsoft is ready to render services for protection. Now for the others who cannot spend much on security have questions like what if the system gets hacked and such. Most of the users also fear that the system would become an instant target for malware and cyber criminals.

It is a fact that in terms of security, Windows XP did not do as good as the other operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8 including Windows Vista. Windows XP systems have been the most common targets of cyber criminals since their inception. It was relatively easy for hackers to find loopholes in these computers. Nevertheless, the entire blame cannot rest on Windows XP, says Windows Online support desk.

People who are do not think that there is necessities to update immediately are the kind of people who are least bothered about the security of computers. This is the usual case with the users in general. These set of people are fine with the computers as long as they are able to sign into Facebook, play games, listen to music on iTunes, play Peggle, etc. hence, they are not really bothered about security, they think it would be okay to make the computer work until the wheels fall off.

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It is important for Windows XP users to be extra careful since they will not receive technical support anymore. Their computers are going to be easy targets for people. It would be a good start if you install and efficient anti virus program. However, you need to make sure that the antivirus software does not rely on definition updates. For better protection, you have to go for antivirus programs that do behavioral analysis along with screening based on reputation. Most of the top rated antivirus programs have both these features in them.

Even though Microsoft will not be releasing patches for Windows XP operating system, there are other target apps that will be receiving updates. Programs like Java, Adobe Flash and Reader and many more are some of the apps, which are the main targets for cyber criminals. Windows Online support desk suggests that as long as these apps are up-to-date, the risk of attacks in Windows XP is on the lower side.

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All The More Reasons To Adopt Chromebooks!

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Windows OS Replacements

Admit it, you are yet to come across an operating system like Windows XP. This operating system cannot be described as ‘hip’ or ‘swanky’ but definitely gets the job done better and faster than any other operating system out there.

If you are used to Windows XP operating system, Windows 8 would be a bad option. Although it might look enticing, the interface is horribly designed to the point that some users opted to downgrade their system to Windows 7 because they were fed up with the interface. The Start screen looks fancy on first look but is questionable when factoring in functionality.

It is inadvisable to continue with the outdated operating system. Microsoft will no longer furnish any security updates or patches, increasing the chances of some malware attack. Moreover, the thirteen year operating system rarely offers a single program that supports it, which means you will have to adjust with outdated programs.

Most of today’s computers are extremely powerful. We do not use much of the power on a daily basis making the investment unjustified. Unless you are going to operate processor intensive software running some PC game or so, you can adjust with a simpler and cheaper computer. Knowing this, Microsoft’s competitor Google is trying to woo the Windows XP users using its own OS, the Chrome OS. Working on a Linux kernel, this operating system is light, functional and fast. You can contact our Windows tech support desk to know about the differences between Chrome OS and Windows.

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The latest ChromeBooks are ideal for home or business use if your primary objective is browsing the internet and making use of Office suite programs. In order to enable this, Google has released a plethora of interesting offers, which include built-in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides that work online, or offline. All ChromeBooks are released with the QuickOffice program that has all the features of the Microsoft counterpart, the Microsoft Office.

Moreover, in order to extend the usability of this system, Google has gone ahead to offer sweet deals like offering a discount as high as $200 for Chromebooks for Business with VMWare to make the transition simpler.

All these developments will be a blow to Microsoft which is already having trouble with the Windows 8 operating system. Update 2 for the latest Windows 8 operating system has recently been released and yet, Windows 8.x operating system has failed to attract attention. To know more about the Windows 8.1 operating system, contact our Windows tech support desk.

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Uninstalling And Reverting Old Settings After Babylon Toolbar Installation

Babylon Toolbar Removal

Removing Babylon Toolbar

Admit it, you and everybody you know hate toolbars! Although by consensus, toolbars are deemed as malware, security firms believe they do not qualify to remain in the same category. However, by any standards, toolbars are unwanted software that sit unused, taking up disk space, screen space, and slowing down your browser.

Rather than removing toolbars every time you come across them, it is better to refrain from downloading them at all. Next time you download and install free third-party software, be sure to disable any additional installation. This is the usual route for toolbars to gain entry to your computer.

Babylon toolbar removal is easy if you know what you have to do. Depending on the web browser you want to remove it from, here’s what you have to do.

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the Gear icon inside Internet Explorer and then select Internet Options.
  • Click on the Advanced tab from inside the Internet Options dialog box and then click on Reset button.
  • Inside the Reset Internet Explorer settings section, enable to Delete Personal Settings box and then click on Reset again.
  • Wait for Internet Explorer to reset and then restart the web browser again.

Mozilla Firefox

  • You will need to navigate to the Troubleshooting Information section, which is inside the Help menu at the top of Firefox window. In some versions, this option will lie inside the Firefox button at the corner of the Firefox window.
  • On the upper-right corner of the Troubleshooting Information page, you will find the Reset Firefox button- click on it.
  • Confirm your action by making relevant selection.
  • Firefox will automatically reset and load up once it is finished, displaying the information that was imported.

    Babylon OCR

    Removal Of Babylon

  • Click Finish to get done with it.

Google Chrome

  • Navigate to the Extensions window from inside the Tools menu.
  • Remove Babylon toolbar, Yontoo, Babylon OCR, and any other extensions related to Babylon Ltd from your Google Chrome web browser.
  • Set the search engine settings to your preferences after you remove the Babylon toolbar.

As you can see, Babylon toolbar removal is extremely easy and can be achieved by making simple changes to the settings. There is no need for installing and running any special toolbar removal software in order to get rid of every trace of the toolbar. If you come across any trouble while uninstalling the software, you can seek assistance from our expert support staff.

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Xbox One Controller For Windows Unveiled

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Xbox One Controller for Windows! Sounds tempting? It is not a dream but a reality. Yes, Microsoft released hints about its brand new Xbox One Controller for Windows PC gamers. The name the company has given for this controller sounds awkward because it is too lengthy; Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows. But, as long as Windows PC gamers are concerned, it is rather a tempting name.


The latest report published by Windows online support has mentioned the price of the controller. It says that you can get the controller for just $59.95. Well, if the price appears colossal, be surprised to know that you can use the same controller for multiple devices or platforms, say Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Xbox One indeed. Moreover, the controller is powered by a USB cable, which saves you from the requirement of buying batteries for the controller on a regular basis. If you are a frequent gamer and the controller is powered by batteries, I don’t have to tell you about the regular supply of batteries you would have to avail for the controller and the cost it can incur on you.

Better than Xbox 360 Pad

If you have been using Xbox 360 Pad for Windows PC games, I am certain that you know the hardship of using it, although it was low priced at $39.95. The latest D-Pad has many improved features such as ergonomic controller options and redesigned thumbsticks. Clearly, there is $20 difference between Xbox 360 Pad and Xbox One Controller for Windows in terms of price. But the improvements the latter has is worth the money you spend for.

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According to the Windows Online support, Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows will be made available globally only by November. Chances are that the controller may be sold cheaper than the said price if you buy it via Microsoft’s own online store. Until you get the brand new Xbox One Controller for Windows, it is wise to retain your current Xbox 360 Controller. The updated drivers for the existing controller are available in Microsoft Download Centre. Download and install them to improve your gaming experience with Xbox 360 Controller for the time being.

Xbox One Controller for Windows is certainly going to make Windows 8.1 and Xbox One more popular and tempting to use. Rumour has it that the controller works better on Windows 8.1 platform that older Windows platforms.


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