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Your computer can encounter a number of problems like hardware issues, software issues and errors in the operating system. The system files can be corrupted and your computer can act weirdly. It can restart abruptly or may shutdown while you are working on it. The problems can occur after you install new software and sometimes it can be linked with the installation. You need not panic in such situations. Experts who can lend a helping hand are just a click away and you can seek their help to get rid of the technical issues in your PC.

Like any of the operating system that makes way to the industry, Windows Vista operating system is also much vulnerable to issues and errors. Windows online support offers the necessary support for the operating systems that are released by Microsoft Corporation. Users of the Windows Vista OS who are experiencing issues will be able to find solutions by contacting the Windows online support team. From troubleshooting technical issues to instant tips on finding fixes that are the best, experts in the Windows Vista support desk offer help in the fastest and easiest possible way. Even the most inexperienced computer users will be able to resolve issues just by the prompt services that are offered by the Windows support technicians via remote support.

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Windows support experts can help you in setting up Windows Vista as the primary operating system and also you in customizing the OS for you. With the easy support, users will be able to fix issues, find out errors and include solutions that are the best possible and most acceptable. Users now have the freedom to customize settings of their OS to perfectly fit their needs and specifications. From fixing issues linked with booting to partition planning and compatibility issues of the different programs and software, experts at the support firms are acknowledged to fix issues right from startup to shut down of the PC.

These experts can help you to speed up your computer and to maximize its performance. They can do anything from setup and installation to customized settings. The scope of their services do not limit to these. With the help of their services, you will be able to own a computer that performs efficiently and runs at a very good speed. Thanks to the great support that is offered by these experts, who are experienced, acknowledged and well versed to fix even the trickiest of the issues.

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How To Speed Up Your Windows 7 Computer

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Chances are high that your operating system would start to slow down its performance in course of time no matter which operating system you install in your computer. This slow performance of your computer can annoy you a lot. So, how can you improve the speed of your computer? In this post, we will find out how to increase the speed of your operating system by a few simple methods.

According to Windows tech support, before you carry out the below mentioned troubleshooting steps, it is a good strategy to check the hardware configuration of your computer. You need to make sure that your computer has the minimum configuration required to run the operating system smoothly. In order to check the configuration of your computer, go to the desktop window and right click the icon Computer. Choose Properties and this will open the window for the configuration.

The CPU speed of your computer’s processor should be 2 GHz or more. When it comes to RAM, make sure that your computer is equipped with RAM of 1 GB or more. There should be sufficient space in the hard disk of your computer. Keep in mind that the drive in which you install the operating system should contain enough free space.

If your computer satisfies the requirements for Windows 7 operating system, then follow the steps below to enhance its speed.

Remove temporary files

Temporary files accumulate in your computer when you run new programs in your computer. Removing these files does not cause any malfunctions to the programs. In order to remove the temporary files, press the keys Windows and R together. This will open the Run window. Type temp in this window and click the OK button. Choose all the files in the window that opens and select the button Remove. Next, type %temp% and click OK. Remove all the files in the window.

Disable Startup items

Hard Disk

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There might be many programs running at the background, which are automatically launched during the startup of the computer. In order to disable these programs, open the Run window, type msconfig and press Enter. This will open the System Configuration Utility window. Go to the tab Startup and disable all the items.

Virus removal

Most of the operating systems work slowly when there is a virus infection. Therefore, run a virus scan of your computer and remove the threats found.

By the above steps, you can enhance the speed of your computer. For further help, you may contact Windows tech support or our technical support team.

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Why Do Windows XP Users Prefer Windows 7 Over Windows 8.1 For Upgrade

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Many of the Windows XP users are a bit confused about which operating system to upgrade to. They have two choices: upgrade to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. Even though Windows 8 is the newest operating system from Microsoft, many people have chosen Windows 7 over Windows 8 for the upgrade.

So, what makes Windows 7 more attractive? Let us find out in detail. We will take you through the various features of Windows 7 in this post.

Jump List function

This is a new feature introduced in Windows 7. According to the technicians at the Windows support number, you can easily access songs, documents, pictures or websites that you have visited in a day with this feature. In order to access this feature, simply right click on the program icon that is present in the taskbar or open the Start menu and select the arrow found near the program name.

Snap function

Snap function will allow you to resize the open window in the operating system. You may simply resize the windows with the drag function of the operating system. With this feature, you can organize and compare the windows easily.

HomeGroup function

If you have two or more Windows 7 PCs at your home, then you can make use of this feature to create a home network. This will help you to connect the PCs, which in turn will help you to share files, media and printers with each other. You can set up passwords for the HomeGroup, which ensures privacy.

Windows Live Essentials

Windows Live Essentials is a software package that includes many programs bundled together. When you purchase Windows 7, this program comes pre-installed in the operating system. With this, you can organize emails, share movies and perform a wide range of other functions.

Windows Live Essentials

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New taskbar

The taskbar comes with many improved features. You can add shortcut icons and arrange them as per your requirements etc. with simple drag and drop functions. You may pin or remove any icons from the taskbar with a click of your mouse.

Touch support

This feature was first introduced in Windows 7. If you have a touchscreen computer, you may make use of this feature and use your fingers to browse through the files in it. With this feature enabled, you need not use your mouse.

These are some of the best features of Windows 7, which attract Windows XP users to it. For further information on this operating system, you may call the Windows support number or contact our technical support center.

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Payment Cards At Risk With End Of Support For Windows 2003

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If Microsoft goes on with their plan to end the support provided for their Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2, about 25 million payment cards are at risk. The main reason for this risk is the fact that the payment companies and gateways have been using the Windows Server 2003 for managing all their actions. The company is all set to end the support for Windows Server 2003 and R2 on July 2015. The issue will be mostly affected for cards issued by Nigerian banks as they use Windows Server 2003.

According to the details posted in the Windows online support forums, Microsoft has been supporting the server operating system for a long time. But, the company will cease to provide any kind of support to the customers after July 2015, when the lifespan of the operating system expires. This means that about 25 million cards that are issued by 23 Nigerian banks will be at the risk of attacks from cyber criminals if adequate measures are not taken.

With the security patches for the devices ending soon, the banks will be left open to attacks from malicious users as there will not be any more security patches and fixes for the operating system. Windows online support site suggests that all Window Server 2003 users better upgrade to a newer version or they will have to face gruesome consequences. One of the major consequences with the end of support for Windows Server 2003 is that it possesses a big threat to local financial services that are in partnership with global platforms like Visa and MasterCard.

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Mr. Gbenga Iluyemi, the Chief Executive Officer of Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited stated on the issue as follows, “Payment cards, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in the country that run on Windows Server 2003 will be impacted, from a security perspective, if they are not migrated to a latest technology platform. Between now and 2015, it is crucial for companies to make adequate plans. They will need to migrate to Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 R2. You need to do an assessment of how many servers are running on the platform. You need to understand how many apps are sitting on the server. After that, you can do a risk assessment before deciding which of the latest platform to adopt.”

This means that you have just few months to upgrade your whole system to a new platform or you will be at the mercy of hackers and malicious users.

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Get Quick Access To Windows Folders With Quick Access Bar

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You may have heard of the Quick Access Bar. This is a lightweight program for the Windows operating system that adds a toolbar with the folder links to the top of the Windows desktop. By default, the toolbar will be displayed all the time, with options to auto-hide the toolbar in program options. You will have to configure the entries and folders that you need to have quick access to in the program options. The program will display the preselected entries that include all hard drives and optical drives on the computer, plus often used folders like My Documents folder, Control Panel and the Recycle Bin. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows support number.

The plus button that is located on the right hand side of the section in options opens up a file and folder browser so that each of the folders or files that are accessible on the computer can be added to the toolbar. The program options contain settings to change the opening speed and delay, the positioning and the color of the toolbar. The users can snap the toolbar to the bottom or side of the desktop as well, instead of snapping to the top. The display on the sides will take some getting used to as it is much more difficult to read the file and folder names in this layout.

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A click on any of the folders in the bar opens that folder in Windows Explorer. The files are executed automatically. There is no need for the Quick Access Bar in Windows 7 anymore, as the users can add the files and folders that they access regularly to the taskbar of Windows 7 operating system. The users of Windows XP or Vista on the other hand might like the idea of another option to load programs or to open folders with the help of the Quick Access Bar. Those Windows users who would like to try Quick Access Bar can download the application from the website of the developer. This application is compatible with all the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system.

If you wish to know more about using the Quick Access Bar or downloading and installing it on your PC, you can contact the Windows support number. The support technician will be able to help you download and install the application on your computer without any issues.

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