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Many Windows XP Users Not Budging An Inch

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The news that Microsoft has pulled the plug on its aged operating system Windows XP may seem old now, and everyone is perfectly aware of that. However, many users prefer not to budge an inch on their adamant choice to continue using Windows XP.

Microsoft is trying to do everything possible to make the transition process smooth and seamless. But, it seems that many users feel it is totally unnecessary to upgrade their systems, as they are perfectly happy with Windows XP. Now, there are few things, which Windows users should consider carefully if they want to stick on with XP. Let’s see some of them.

Huge Security Risk

If you are using XP after the end of Windows online support, then you should get ready to face constant hacker attacks, as there are no security updates or any kind of technical assistance for the platform. There were many malicious codes targeting Windows XP, even before the end-of-Windows online support. With no official tech support now, your system will be all the more vulnerable to malware attacks.

Your system would be bombarded with viruses and other harmful programs. This will require significant amount of time to guard your system from one attack after another. Even third party security software applications will soon abandon Windows XP, as it is not feasible for security firms to invest their time, money, and efforts to provide security updates for an unsupported operating system.

Inability to use advanced applications

Many new and advanced applications are being developed for newer Windows operating systems. So, you would surely miss out on many useful apps as they will not be compatible with Windows XP.

Targeted Windows XP

Windows XP platform

Lack of hardware support

The same goes with hardware firms too. Most manufacturers will not be interested in developing hardware or drivers for the outdated Windows XP operating system. Therefore, when you have issues with your system drivers or hardware, you will not find a good replacement for it. You may not even get adequate support services to fix hardware issues.

Even after considering all these aspects and challenges, many Windows XP users continue using the 13-year old operating system. If you plan to cling on to XP too, then better get prepared to face the consequences. You need to make your system ultra-strong to guard against malicious attacks and stop using the internet altogether, but remember that such measures will not guarantee the security forever.

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Features Of Long Path Fixer Software

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Many a times, you may have noticed that after transferring your files from a system to a Windows PC, you’re unable to operate it. Sometimes, you may also get an error message that says such files and folders won’t work in your system running on the Windows operating system. You might be able to transfer these files and folders into your system but performing actions such as deleting, renaming, moving or copying these items would not be possible. These issues can force you to dial up the Windows support number and seek assistance from the Windows technicians.

The maximum path length of Windows API is said to be 260 characters. This is one of the main reasons that lead to such issues in your system. But now you don’t have to worry because a free software program has been launched to resolve this issue completely. Named as Long Path Fixer, this program has been specifically designed to overcome the existing Windows API character limit and this helps to operate on the files and folders on the system.

Features of Long Path Fixer

The best part about this program is that it is portable enough to run right after you have downloaded its archive and then extracted it into your system. The Long Path Fixer comprises of a basic interface that is extremely user-friendly. It contains a file and folder browser at the top and action bar at the bottom. The main advantage of using this Long Path Fixer is that you can depend on it completely to fix the issue. This means that you do not require repeatedly dialing the Windows support number to get the Microsoft technicians to resolve the issue for you.

Folder Browser

Windows Operating System

Using Long Path Fixer, you can easily drag and drop folders into the interface or even select the drive and folders from the application. To open the files and folders in this, all you require is to double click on the items. After selecting an option, you will also get a pop up message that would ask you to confirm the decision i.e. delete. Move or copy the files. You can right click on the file to view the additional options available.

Although these are some of the good aspects about Long Path Fixer, the program lacks the option to select multiple files at once that may cause issues to some users. Moreover, it doesn’t also have the option to rename the file or a folder.

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Setting Up Windows Live Messenger Voice

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Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live messenger is an instant messaging facility from Microsoft that lets you chat with your friends over the internet. Voice chat is also possible with Windows Live Messenger at no extra cost. Moreover, the messenger itself is free to download and install from its website. To use the voice chat facility with Windows Live Messenger, apart from the computer and a stable internet connection, you need to have headphones with microphone.

This is alternative to having a voice conversation rather than making a call over the phone. Windows online support for Windows Live Messenger is available on the webpage; you can refer that in case of any issues or concerns.

Instructions To Set Voice Conversation Through Windows Live Messenger

  • You need to plug in the headphones into the computer to begin with the instructions. The sound jack of the computer is usually at the back of the CPU, which is color-coded. With the color code, you will be able to figure out where to plug in. The pink jack is for the microphone and the green is for the headphones.
  • In some cases, you can do this on the speakers itself, where in you will have a green and a pink jack to connect the headphones and the microphones respectively.
  • Now wear the headphones and set the position of the microphone in such a way that it is neither too far from the mouth nor too close to the mouth.
  • Now launch the Windows Live Messenger application on the computer when you are ready with the headphones. In case you have not downloaded the software, go to the official webpage, download, and install it on to the computer.

    Voice Chat

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  • When the sign in window appears, provide your username and password. You can check the option that says Keep Me Signed In so that the next time you turn on the computer, you would be connected automatically without having to provide a username and password. This is not advisable when it is not your personal computer.
  • When you have signed in, you can find a list of contacts in green, which means they are available now to speak. Now click on the contact that you wish to speak to, you would find a Call icon, click on that to make a call.
  • Wait for your friend to respond and when he or she answers, speak and end the call when done. Click on the Call button again to end the call.

According to Windows online support centre, these are the instructions to have a voice chat over the internet with Windows Live Messenger.

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Ways To Restore The IE Icon On Your Windows XP Computer

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Are you still running your system on Windows XP? Well, although it may be the most user-friendly version, you won’t be getting any free security fixes or updates for your OS from Microsoft. One of the most common issues faced by users in Windows XP is related to the Internet Explorer. IE is the native web browser of Windows XP and can be easily accessed by clicking on its icon available on your system. However, this icon may disappear at times. If you’re not able to find the Internet Explorer icon in your system, you can follow these instructions provided by the Microsoft chat support technicians to restore the same.

  • At first, you need to right-click on a blank section of the Windows desktop and then select the New option in the pop-up menu. Now, you can wait until a submenu appears on the computer screen. Now, click on Shortcut and a dialog box labeled Create Shortcut will open on the desktop. You need to click on the Browse button in the dialog box and then open a second box by the name Browse for Folder.
  • Next, you need to locate the Internet Explorer program file and then click on + sign to expand My Computer, the (C:) drive folder and Program Files followed by Internet Explorer.
  • According to the technicians at the Microsoft chat support team, you need to browse through the available list of files in the Internet Explorer folder and then click on iexplore.
  • Once you have selected this option, you ought to click on the OK button in the Browse for Folder box and then point your cursor back to the Create Shortcut box.

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    Microsoft Chat Updates

  • Here, you would need to verify if the path to the location of the IE icon is located in the Create Shortcut dialog box. If it is available in the specific location, the path will appear in the field named as Type the location of the item. After confirming it, you can click on the Next button.
  • In the next step, you need to enter Internet Explorer in the text field by the name Type a name for this shortcut. Now, click the Finish button and check if you’re able to see the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop.

By following these simple instructions provided by the Microsoft chat support team, you can easily restore the Internet Explorer icon in your Windows XP computer. To get more assistance on the same, you may also get in touch with our technical support personnel.

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