Microsoft Introduces 'Skype For Modern Windows' For Touch Screen Devices

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Realizing the growing demand from users with touch-screen devices for a touch-screen oriented Skype application, Microsoft has rolled out Skype for Modern Windows. As the name indicates, Skype for Modern Windows is very modern, with sophisticated features and touch-screen friendly user interface. If you are using a touch screen computing device, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet, with Windows 8.1 installed on it, you can replace the existing Windows Skype app with Skype for modern Windows. Experienced users testify that Skype for Modern Windows is simple, user friendly and elegant.

System requirements

Windows online support desk has listed down the system requirements for installing Skype for Modern Windows. You need to ensure just a couple of things in your device, a quad-core processor that works at 1.9 GHz or above and Windows 8.1 operating system. If you haven’t upgraded your OS from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, do it right away.

Salient Features of Skype for Modern Windows

Needless to say, Skype for Modern Windows is equipped with a number of modern features and options. A brief account of some of these new features is given below.

Brand new look

Skype for Modern Windows has a brand new look. However, the basic Skype features are the same. The settings have been simplified and the options for making video calls, voice calls, instant messaging and group video call are clearer and easy to use. According to Windows Online support desk, Skype for Modern aims at helping its users catch up with their friends faster and easier than the previous Skype for Windows desktop.

Windows Desktop Version

Skype For Modern Windows

Improvements in Group video calling

The major downside with the currently popular Skype for Windows desktop is that it has limits with regard to the number of people who can take part in a group chat at a time. In the newly introduced Skype for Modern Windows version, you can participate up to 9 members in the group chat. A small downside with the new version is that it won’t allow you to share your screen during the group chat. However, there is no issue with viewing screens that have been shared by other members in the group chat.

Skype for Modern Windows is aimed at users with touch-screen devices, meaning it is not recommended for non-touch screen devices. If you are with a non-touch screen laptop or desktop, upgrade to a touch-screen device or continue using Skype for Windows Desktop version.

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Windows XP Support Stopped But Many Users Cling On To The Old OS

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You might be aware by now that Windows XP, the thirteen-year-old operating system, is not supported by Microsoft any more. Actually, when you think of it, it was long overdue. Windows XP survive for three more years than the normal lifespan of a Windows OS, before the company abandoned it in April this year.

Many users have not yet come to term with the fact that Windows XP will not be receiving any Windows online support, technical assistance, feature updates, security updates etc., either paid or free. This means for Microsoft, Windows XP is as good as dead. The old operating system software has served its purpose and now it is time to let go.

To live so long is an achievement and Windows XP’s popularity speaks that aloud. Actually, Windows XP only lost its popularity when Windows 7 came into existence. And, if you are not aware, XP still enjoys around one-fourth of the entire desktop OS market share.

It is quite surprising that even after more than six months of the end of Windows XP support, many users seem to want to continue using the software for various purposes. But without the official Windows online support for XP, millions of such users are vulnerable to hacker attacks and viruses.

Latest reports have highlighted that Windows XP systems were attacked by malware developers and hackers, even to the point where some users lost their personal data to them. This is actually a serious issues, and so, Windows XP users should migrate to a newer operating system for good.

Windows XP Support

Windows Support

Though Microsoft has decided to offer an antivirus support for another year to XP users, that may not be able to draw off such potential threats totally. In fact, the added antivirus support is meant to provide users some more time to move on to another Windows OS like Windows 7 or 8.

Interestingly, Microsoft has launched the technical preview of their upcoming OS, Windows 10, which brings in somewhat the traditional features users are accustomed to. So, with that, Microsoft is offering yet another option for users to keep their data safe, and migrate to a modern, advanced, safe, and secure operating system. Windows XP users should consider this as an excellent opportunity and grab the same with both hands.

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Windows XP Abandoned By Microsoft But Millions Ignoring It

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It is now old news that Microsoft Corporation has removed Windows XP from the list of products it is supporting. Windows XP was abandoned by the software maker in April this year, which means that XP users will not receive any security patches, features updates, and technical assistance for their computers, either for free or even through paid subscriptions.

Actually, the Windows XP end of support was long overdue. The software giant was at its wits end probably. Experts over the Windows support number highlight that Microsoft usually offers five years of mainstream support followed by another five years of extended support. But Windows XP survived more than that; 13 years.

Though Windows XP support is no more available, many users still consider sticking to the operating system. There is no way that the software company will bring back the dead OS. There are in fact millions of users risking everything by clinging on to the old Windows XP platform. Though migration is happening, it is not happening as fast as expected by Microsoft. Windows XP is still one of the most popular OS systems in the desktop OS market. Experts over Windows support number assume that Windows may even stay in the market for another two-three years.

XP End Of Support

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Though the obstinate decision not to move on to newer operating system may seem insane, when we analyze properly we can find some simple reasons behind this. For an operating system’s life span, 13 years looks quite long; and during this period users became accustomed to its interface and design so much, that abandoning the OS seems difficult to them. Another thing noted is that Windows XP supported all of the applications and programs perfectly, and allowed users to work on them smoothly.

Whatever might be the reason for continuing with Windows XP, an unsupported operating system is really unsafe to use. So, Windows users should come to their senses and move on to newer systems, or else they may have to face serious consequences.

For instance, hackers have already started to penetrate the Windows XP cyberspace, which leaves users at great peril. Though Microsoft has decided to offer another ‘extended’ antivirus support to Windows XP users, moving on is the best option here.

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No More Annoyance With Babylon Toolbar - Simple Uninstallation Steps

Babylon Toolbar Removal

Uninstall Babylon Toolbar

By looking up for Babylon toolbar online, you are certain to find more negative reviews about it than any positive ones. However, the truth is that Babylon is a harmless toolbar that allows you translate web pages, PDF files, RTF files, Word documents or whatever from a foreign language to your mother tongue. The toolbar is quite simple. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can learn quickly how to use it for translation works. Nevertheless, a lot of people would want to get rid of it from their web browsers. If you think Babylon toolbar is not useful for you, you can uninstall it from your web browser. This will not only help free up the hard drive space but also improve the browser performance.

Babylon toolbar removal instructions

There are multiple methods to remove Babylon toolbar from your PC. The easiest method is uninstalling it from Control Panel. If this method doesn’t work, you can remove the toolbar from your web browser settings.

Removing Babylon toolbar from Control Panel Settings

  • Go to the Start button and select the Search option.
  • In the blank field of the search dialogue box, type appwiz.cpl and hit the Enter button on the keyboard. This will open the Programs window. It may take a few seconds for the Programs window to load the list of all the installed applications. Once the list is populated, browse through it until you see Babylon toolbar in it.

    Remove Babylon Toolbar

    Disable Babylon Toolbar

  • Once located, highlight the toolbar and select the Remove option, which you can find at the top of the window.
  • Windows will ask you now if you really wish to continue with the removal of the toolbar. Click Yes to confirm your decision for the removal of the toolbar. After the toolbar is removed, a dialogue box stating that Babylon toolbar has been uninstalled successfully will appear. Click OK to exit the dialogue box.
  • After the removal of an application, utility or toolbar from the Control Panel, it is recommended to reboot the PC. This will enable the PC to allow the changes to take effect immediately. So be sure to reboot the PC and let the changes take effect.

With the help of the above Babylon toolbar removal instructions, you must have successfully uninstalled the toolbar from your web browser. Now, you are free to set your favourite homepage and search engine as default. If the steps didn’t bring any expected results, execute a genuine toolbar removal tool.

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Windows XP Still The Second Most Popular OS Even After End Of Support

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It might be common news by now that the thirteen year old Windows XP OS is no more supported by Microsoft. Microsoft abandoned the OS many months ago. The interesting thing is the fact that even after the end o f support, it seems that many users are in denial. Users are not convinced enough about the need for switching to newer OS versions. Microsoft Windows XP is still the second most popular OS in the OS market. Actually, it is looks bad for Microsoft, because they have not been successful enough to encourage Windows XP users to migrate to newer operating systems.

The end of support means a huge thing when we are talking about the life cycle of an operating system. For starters, an end of support means there will be no official Windows online support, technical assistance, feature updates, and security packages from the part of the software maker anymore. This means, for all intents and purposes, the operating system software is dead.

End of support means Windows XP users will have to guard their systems against a huge number of malicious codes, malware, etc. Windows XP users will have to spend a huge lot of time dealing with one problem after another with the OS. In short, it is a huge risk to continue using the operating system for any purpose.

Microsoft Windows XP

Windows Online Support Ceased

However, the fact that the OS is still the second most popular operating system means millions of users are risking everything to continue using this operating system. Windows 7 is the most popular, but Windows XP is not far behind. You need to consider the fact that this software has been around for more than thirteen long years. To live so long is something quite incredible.

Actually, when we look at why this software is still being used by so many people, we need to assess some of the things connected to the OS. First, it is the most familiar OS. You will not find many users, who are not aware of this OS. The features of Windows XP are probably the most familiar to most users, who happen to be around for its thirteen year of existence. When software is so familiar, then it is quite normal to love it and be accustomed to it.

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