Toolbar supportBabylon is a computer translation and dictionary program. It usually appears as a toolbar in the web browsers that you use. It gets installed automatically without permission from users. However, it is not preferred by many and hence they opt for Babylon toolbar removal. This is an easy task and the process is different for different web browsers. Here are the different methods using which you can remove the toolbar from your browsers.

Internet Explorer Browsers

  • Launch the Internet Explorer, click on the Gearlike symbol that is present at the top far right of the web browser, and click on Internet Options from the drop down menu.
  • From the Internet Options dialogue box, click on the Advanced tab, and then click on the Resetbutton.
  • In the reset section, make sure to check the option Delete Personal Settings and then click onReset.
  • At the end of the Reset process, you would be prompted to Close in a confirmation box, and then click on Ok.
  • Close the browser and then Open for the changes to take effect.

Mozilla Firefox Browser

  • Launch the browser and then click on the Firefox Button, which is present at the top of the window. Go to the sub menu labeled Help and then select Troubleshooting Information.
  • To the upper right corner of the troubleshooting information, a button for Reset Firefox is available, click on that.
  • Confirm the reset by clicking Reset Firefox and continue the process.
  • This would close and reset the browser, at the end of which you would have a list of information imported.
  • Click on the Finish option.

Google Chrome Web Browser

  • Start by removing the Extension for Babylon toolbar from the Google Chrome web browser.
  • From the browser, click on the Chrome Menu button, then select the option Tools, and then click the option labeled Extensions.

    How to remove toolbar

  • From the list of extensions available in the Extensions tab, Remove all unwanted and unknown Toolbars such as PortaldoSites Toolbar, Proxy Tool and Yontoo.
  • Change the Default Search Engine toGoogle Search from the Babylon search engine.
  • Select the option named Settings from theChrome Menu button and then click on the option called Manage Search Engines from the search selection.
  • From the list, select Google Search Engineand then select to make it as the Default Browser.
  • From the list, Delete all other toolbars present except for Google along with the Babylon Searchengine.
  • From the startup section, change the search toolbar to Google Toolbar and remove Babylon toolbar.

Follow these steps to perform a successful Babylon toolbar removal from the web browsers.

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Get Windows Online Support

If you happen to forget the login details of your computer, it is not an apocalypse even though many whine about it in such a manner over the internet. There are many simple tips that you can try yourself for regaining access to your system. However, the procedure to reset the password of a Windows 8 computer depends on the type of account you use to sign-in to the system. If you are using a Microsoft account for signing in to the system, then it can be done easily; however, if you are using a local password, the procedure may be kind of difficult.

If you are not sure on the account type that you use to sign-in to the computer, just check whether you are able to see an email address displayed above the field where you enter the password. If you see an email address, then you are using a Microsoft account to login, else a local account. If you are using a Microsoft account, you can reset it easily; however, if you are using a local account, you would have to install some third party application for resetting the password or you may try to hack in to the system.

However, according to the news in the Windows online support site, due to the advanced secure boot function and Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot method in the Windows 8 operating system, using a third party tool might seem to be an issue. If you are using a Microsoft account, you can reset your password by using the Microsoft’s online form. This form can be completed from another computer or from your tablet or mobile. However, if you are not familiar with the form, you can get support from Windows online support for getting further help instructions.


About Windows Online Support

The process will be simplified if you do have your current email address or phone number saved with the Microsoft account. The company would now ask you to select the medium on which you would like to get the reset codes, select your phone or email according to your choice. However, if you do not have any idea on what email you have provided, you can reset the password by providing answers to a set of security questions to verify your identity. If the identity if verified, the site will help you to reset your password.

After you have reset the password in the site, you will be able to log in to your system, provided you are connected to the internet.

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Windows Support Number

Windows Support Number

A lot of people contact Microsoft support desk via the toll free Windows support number, and request for assistance with updating their Windows XP with latest service packs. Unfortunately, Microsoft is no longer providing any assistance for XP users as it ended support for XP on 8th October, 2014. Microsoft recommends users to migrate to any of the latest operating systems. Nevertheless, it is not a good choice to install a brand new operating system on an old machine with low hardware configuration.

If your machine is old, it is advisable to continue using Windows XP. However, make sure that you have updated your XP OS with latest service packs. SP3 (Service Pack 3) is the latest service pack for Windows XP. Users were able to get their XP updated with latest service packs via Windows update service in the past. As Windows Update is no longer an option for XP now, you should go for an offline update of XP with SP3. Following the below steps carefully for this.


  • Get Windows XP service pack CD from a retailer. If don’t find it with any of the retailers near you, you can order the CD from Microsoft. They will be able to send you the Service Pack CD from the available stocks. You can contact Microsoft via the respective Windows support number for your country.
  • After getting the Windows XP Service Pack 3 CD, insert it in the CD/DVD drive of your machine. Wait until the Software Update Installation Wizard is initiated.
  • Once the Software Update Installation Wizard is loaded, it will display a new screen titledWindows XP Service Pack 3. Read the on-screen directions carefully to proceed.
    Low Hardware Configuration

    Windows XP Support

  • When the installation of the Service Pack 3 files are completed, press the Finish button. You will be prompted now to reboot your machine. Make sure that you restart the machine in order to allow the changes you have made in the Windows XP operating System, to take effect.

You have updated your Windows XP machine with the latest service pack now. SP3 (Service Pack3) will really improve the security features of XP. It adds a few additional features to the OS along with increased compatibility for advanced programs and applications. As Microsoft does not offer any security updates for XP, make sure that you are extra vigilant while using your computer. Avoid surfing suspicious websites and using data storage drives from others in your XP system.

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Windows Tech Support

Windows Update Icon Removal

If it has been some time since you have updated your system, you will notice the Windows Update icon present in the system tray inside your taskbar. This icon lets you download the latest Windows update patch, drivers and service packs. Although useful, it regularly displays messages that remind you to update your system.

To remove the Windows Update icon from the desktop, you can choose to contact our Windows tech support team or follow the steps mentioned below.


  • The Windows update icon is visible on the desktop only when there are some updates that are available for download and installation. Hence, the easiest solution is to install all available Windows updates.
  • To install the available Windows Updates, Click to open the Start menu, this is normally visible on the bottom left corner of your screen inside the taskbar. A useful shortcut for opening the Start menu is by pressing down the Windows Key or by pressing down Ctrl+Esc key simultaneously.
  • When the Start menu pops up, click on All Programs. In fact, you can access this menu without using the mouse by pressing down the P button on the keyboard.
  • Among the list of menus available, click on Windows Upgrade. Clicking on this will launch the Windows Update tool.
  • Inside the Windows Update window, the option labeled Check for updates will be visible on the left side pane. Click on this option. Microsoft Windows will now check for any available updates. When this process completes, you will see a list of available updates.
    System Tray

    Removing Windows Update Icon

  • Along with the list of updates, you will see Install Updatesoption in the same window. Click on this to launch the Windows Update wizard. You might be prompted to type in the administrator password before the download begins. Type in the password and press OK.
  • If you only choose to install certain updates, click on View available updates option. You will see a list of available updates from which you have to select the ones you want to install and then click Install Updates. You might be prompted to type in the administrator password to start the installation.
  • Depending on the type of update, you might be prompted to restart your system. If so, restart your system after saving any unsaved documents.

If you follow the procedure listed above, you will notice that the Windows update icon is no longer available on the desktop. If the icon persists even after all the updates have been installed, contact our Windows tech support team.

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Windows Online Support

Windows Web Hosting Service

While creating a website, it is always essential to use the Windows Web Hosting server efficiently. You should ensure that no mistakes are made while using the server. The data language used in the website will depend on the web server that is being used while creating your site.

Windows web hosting, compared to other web hosting services, provide a number of advanced options to the customers. One of the prominent benefits of this web hosting service is that a customer can make use of such applications as FrontPage, Windows Streaming Media, ASP.NET, etc. These are all Microsoft based technologies, which can help you to create an advanced and user-friendly website. Moreover, users can also contact the Windows online support to get assistance on Windows web hosting service.

You can use these same applications even on the Linux OS, but it won’t have the same impact as from using in Windows. In addition to this, Linux user will not be able to use the entire package of features to create the website. Although these are the benefits of using the Windows web hosting service, you should also be aware of the main disadvantage i.e. the high price. You can definitely make ample use of this technology, but while doing so, the price must be kept in mind. This will surely help in the long run.


Windows Streaming Media

As most Windows web hoisters say, this service employs a user-friendly interface that is pleasant and clear. Due to this aspect, it becomes easier for IT professionals to carry out their work efficiently on websites. It is a fact that by using Windows Web Hosting services, linking the website with a large number of applications and technologies offered by Microsoft becomes quite easier. According to the Windows online support team, it is easier to combine ASP.NET with an SQL database, as it is supported by Microsoft. Using Windows web hosting services is the perfect option if you are planning to create a business web site or webpage. This is because of the large number of features offered by it, along with the option that it provides to make use of heavy scripting on the website.

In short, Windows Web Hosting services provide a number of useful options to the web host. But selecting the service should depend on the website you create, as well as the cost involved in using the service.