Connecting A Windows Vista And A Windows XP PC On A Network

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Nowadays, many homes have more than one computer. If you are having multiple computers, it is a good idea to connect to a network so that you will be able to share data and resources easily. However, issues can appear when you try to connect Windows Vista PCs on the same network as the Windows XP computers. A network’s name is called a workgroup and for some unknown reason, Microsoft has used different workgroup names in different versions of the Windows operating systems. Those computers that are running on Windows XP Home version automatically use MSHOME as their workgroup name and the Windows Vista computers use WORGROUP as the network name.

If the users combine a Windows Vista and a Windows XP computer on the same network, they may encounter many issues. One of the computers will be searching in vain for the other MSHOME PC and the other will only look for WORKGROUP PCs. The Windows support number tips that are shared below will help you solve this issue by labeling both the Windows XP and Vista computers with the same name. The steps are easy and can be accomplished swiftly.


  • Turn on your Windows Vista computer and then click on the Start menu. From the Start options, right-click on Computer and select Properties.
  • The System screen will appear and will reveal the basic technical information about your computer.
  • Select Change Settings. You can find this in the section called Computer Name, Domain, and Workgroup Settings. Select the Change button. This will open the Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box.
  • Change the Workgroup name to MSHOME in the bottom box. This step will put Windows Vista on the same group as the Windows XP computer.

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  • Alternatively, you will be able to change the Windows XP computer’s workgroup name to WORKGROUP by following the above steps, but by clicking on Computer Name tag in Step 2.
  • No matter what you call the network’s workgroup, ensure that all the networked computers bear the same workgroup name. Make sure that you change the workgroup name, not the computer name, as they are different altogether.
  • You can repeat these steps for all the other networked computers, making sure that the same name appears in each Workgroup box.

These are the steps to connect a Windows Vista and a Windows XP computer on the same network without facing any errors. For further assistance, you can contact our Windows support number.

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Upgrade From Windows Vista To Windows 7

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If you are running your personal computer on Windows Vista operating system, you may consider an upgrade to Windows 7 OS. To check if the Windows 7 operating system is compatible with your computer or not, you can seek help of the Windows 7 upgrade advisor. After confirming that your computer meets the system requirements, you can follow the Windows online support tips that are explained below to do the upgrade process.


  • Turn on your Windows Vista PC. Put the Windows 7 DVD in the optical drive and then click on the Install option. You will be taken to a new screen after clicking on install. If you have disabled the Autorun feature, then you will have to open the root of the DVD drive and then run the setup.exe file. This can also be done from a USB stick. If you wish to use this option, you may have to refer to Install Windows 7 from a USB guide.
  • After running the setup file, you will find two options like, Install Now and Online compatibility check. As the compatibility of your computer is already verified with the Windows 7 advisor, you can go ahead without any worries and install it by clicking on the Install Now button.
  • Next step will include a selection of latest updates for installation. Those users who already have the latest version of installation are not required to do this step.

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  • Now you will have to accept the license agreement. Click on the Next button to continue the steps.
  • In this step, you can select Upgrade or Custom. As you are upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 OS, you will have to choose the Upgrade option.
  • Again, Windows will check for compatibility. If it finds any issue, it will display the problem on screen and save it on desktop. If there are no incompatibility issues, Windows 7 will continue to further procedures.

These are the simple steps to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7. The steps to upgrade are not complex. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can do it without any hassle. If you are still facing any issues, or have any doubts in any of the steps, you can contact our Windows online support team. The support technician will help you finish upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista without encountering any errors.

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Guidelines For Transferring Lotus Note Data To Outlook

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In order to transfer your valuable data from one email application to another, you may have to use a third party application that offers virtual technical support. Help is required when you want to import data from any external application to your preferred email client applications like Outlook, for instance to move data from Lotus Notes to Outlook.

In order to import data from Lotus Note to Outlook, you need to convert the data to PST format. Outlook stores data as PST files whereas Lotus Note stores data in the NSF format. For any queries to relate to the problems in Outlook or Windows Operating System, you can contact Outlook support or Windows help centre respectively. But no such help is offered to assist users to transfer data from Lotus Note to Outlook or vice versa. Fortunately, there are multiple third party platforms offering such help. Make sure that you follow the exact procedure while transferring data from one platform to another. If necessary, get in touch with the support team for the same.

NSF to PST transition

Before you execute NSF to PST transition to move the Lotus Note to Outlook, you need to have a proper plan. The execution of the transition should be based on this specific plan for infallible results. Besides that, proper planning will help you save a lot of time which otherwise would be wasted.

If you are familiar with some known paths for the data transition, it is better even if it seems complicated. People who rely on some seemingly easy but unknown procedures often end up in a mess. Known transition path is recommended for both NTS to PST as well as for PST to NTS transition. Besides that, using a reliable and authentic path that offers virtual technical support helps you make the transition without causing any alteration to the original data. In case of any problems or suspicions during the transition process, you can get in touch with the virtual technical support service for assistance.

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The advantages of moving data to Outlook

Lately, it has been reported that most companies who use third party email applications are moving to Outlook or transferring the data to Outlook because of the increased possibility of getting technical assistance like virtual Windows help. Outlook allows users to back up their data and restore them instantly in case anything goes wrong.

There are multiple email client applications compatible in Windows OS. However, it is good to use Outlook in Windows because you have round the clock virtual Windows help and Outlook support to rely on in case of an unexpected problem.

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Microsoft Employs New Strategy To Boost Xbox Sales

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A brief look at the stats will show you that rival Sony’s PlayStation is outselling Microsoft’s Xbox One more than three to one in the second quarter of 2014. Microsoft is forced into employing new strategies to entice new customers into buying the Xbox One gaming console. Apart from slashing the rates, Microsoft employed a new strategy of selling Xbox One SKU at $399 without Kinect.

As you all know, Kinect is the motion sensing input device by Microsoft which can be used to play a band of games in both Xbox gaming console and the standard Windows PC. This device employs RGB camera, depth sensor and multi-array microphone to capture 3D motion capture, facial and even voice recognition. Use of this device gave rise to a completely new array of video-games which were not feasible using the standard Xbox controller.

Earlier, this input device came bundled with the gaming console. However, Microsoft has introduced this new option to attract customers who are not interested or will not find any use for this input device. The rest of the configuration of Xbox One SKU is no different from the standard version. To know where you can buy the latest Xbox One SKU, you may contact our Windows online support.

During the release of this new option, Kenny Lee, co-founder of Cell Door Games, added his thoughts saying, “Honestly, I thought having a Kinect included in the Xbox One was a great idea. Not so much the always-on, creepy privacy invasion though. As a developer, it’s fantastic to work on hardware that you know everybody has.

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And the Kinect is an incredible piece of technology. But now that the market is fragmented, it’s harder to justify investing in this tech. So when I heard the news it sadden me a bit, although to be fair I don’t think developers were jumping on it as readily as Microsoft had anticipated.”

Experts believe that this new option released by Microsoft is a clever strategy to increase the sales of regular Xbox One which includes Kinect. Giving a choice to the possible customers changes their outlook towards the console. Sure, they will be interested in buying the standalone version without Kinect but they would think about getting the best Xbox experience over time, and then settle for the Kinect-included Xbox One. How users will respond to this latest development remains to be seen.

If you want more details about Xbox One SKU, you can contact our Windows online support to receive expert advice and an in-depth analysis of the gaming console.

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