Features Of The Latest Windows Operating System

Windows 8 Features

The Best Features Of Windows 8

Have you tried out the latest Windows 8 operating system? The new Windows version come jam packed with cool new tools and a brand new interface unlike any other seen before. Here are some of the best Windows 8 features:

Applications for increasing productivity:

  1. Streamline your work: applications in Windows 8 Pro help customers do much more all with a simple tap or click.
  2. Easier to collaborate: sharing and communicating becomes easier as you can use your mail and Messenger apps right from the Start screen.
  3. Even finding applications is easier: you can also find new productivity apps with Dell’s built-in Windows Store. You can pin your favorite applications and folders right to the start screen thus giving you faster access to your data.

Cloud Connectivity:

  1. Get access to your settings across the network: settings and preferences are available on an Internet connected Dell PC running Windows 8 Pro.
  2. Get access to your content anywhere: Docs, calendars and all other files are available in the built-in Sky Drive for cloud access.
  3. Work on a Windows 8 Pro PC to get your job done: the new cloud connectivity gives you freedom to get your work done from any other Windows 8 PC without any hassles.

Efficient right from the Start: Among Windows 8 features the biggest is that booting time has been reduced by 33%.

  1. Customization is easier on Windows 8 so that you can personalize your PC to your preferences.
  2. Updates are quick and effective if you are connected to the internet. the windows 8 OS updates regularly whenever it can,

Touch Design

The Windows 8 operating system is specially designed for touch optimization. It works with basic simple gestures which allow users to interact with their achiness faster and quicker. Settings for touch can be altered by users to match their preferences.

Optimized for Professional Use

New Interface

Windows 8 Packs Sophisticated Tools

Enhances security features make the Windows 8 machine safe and secure.

Virtualization and manageability: the superb management and security features allow businesses to function more smoothly and effectively.

The new Windows 8 features the Internet Explorer 10 which has been specially designed to reduce time for searching and allowing faster interaction with content.

The new Windows 8 is new in so many different ways it would be a shame not to use the latest technology. Get the latest Windows version and get access to the new world of touch optimized Windows machines.

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About The Tech Support Tools Available In Windows 7

Windows support number

support for Windows 7

Windows 7 is the most popular operating system that Microsoft has ever released and even with the release of the latest operating system Windows 8, Windows 7 still holds the biggest market share. The tech giant has included so many features, functions and tools making it so popular among the business and home users. Windows 7 is embedded with many support tools, which helps the users troubleshoot their computer problems very easily.

Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter

By removing and rearranging the files, Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter help you increase the speed of the hard drive thereby increasing the performance of your system. Performing the disk clean up will help you compress the old files and will delete the temporary files in the computer. However, the function of the defragmenter is completely different and it searches for files that are defragmented and will help to use the disk space efficiently.


When a system crash occurs, there is a chance of losing large number of data and files. To avoid the loss of data, Windows 7 has a backup tool, which help you create a copy of all your files automatically. It is ideal to save the backup files in an external hard drive or a pen drive or a CD.

DirectX Diagnostics

To support multimedia applications like video games or media players, there is a graphics program called DirectX in your Windows 7 computer. However, this graphics program needs constant updating. To check the installed version of DirectX for any errors, there is a troubleshooting tool named dxdiag.exe. This allows the Windows 7 users to watch videos and play games with more graphics effects.

Problem Steps Recorder

Windows 8

tools for Windows 7

It is extremely hard to explain exactly how the problems occurred at the time when you are getting the tech support from tech personnel. To simplify this task, there is a tool called Problem Steps Recorder (psr.exe,) which provides a log regarding all the commands that you have entered with screenshots.

Action Center

For the easy management of updates regarding the Windows software, driver problems and other troubleshooting issues, there is a section called Action center, which you can access from the Windows taskbar. If any security issues arise or if any update comes, the Action center will notify you regarding this.

These are the support tools embedded in the Windows 7 operating system. For more information about this, contact the Windows support number. The Windows support number would be provided on the product package.

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How To Contact Windows Tech Support

Windows online support

Get Windows online support

Windows operating systems developed by Microsoft are the most popular and widely used operating systems in the world. Millions of users make use of the products from Microsoft for managing their computers and other resources. There are many versions of the operating system available on the market ranging from the age old Windows XP to the latest Windows 8.1 operating system and the good thing is that you can get support for all these operating systems from the Windows online support site. This is apart from the Windows XP operating system, whose support ended just a few days back.

Solutions for most of the common problems for the Windows operating systems can be found in the Windows online support site. The site also lists instructions for users on how to install a new version of the operating system on their computer, how to upgrade to a new version, and installing or repairing of software installed in your system. The site can also be used for finding instructions for optimizing the software by changing the security settings of the operating system or by speeding the system by removing unwanted items.

Windows support

About Windows support

In the case of the Windows operating system, one of the main reasons for the occurrence of errors is the installation of the counterfeit software in the system. Mostly, errors are found in the system if your software is not genuine. Another issue with installing software that is not genuine is that you will not be getting any support from the Windows support site. The problem with installing a non-genuine Windows operating system is that it will not be having all the necessary drivers and other components required for the smooth functioning of your system, so you will not be able to run the system smoothly.

For making sure that the customers are getting only genuine software, Microsoft has started a new program by the name Genuine Advantage program. If you have purchased the operating system from a vendor, then you can make sure that the version of your operating system is original by visiting the Windows online support site and then validating the operating system. One thing you can do for making sure that you are having the genuine Windows operating system is to buy the operating system from a registered dealer. It is always advised to run a validation test whenever you are installing an operating system on your system.

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Get Rid Of Babylon Toolbar From Your PC

Babylon toolbar removal

Learn to uninstall Babylon

Babylon is a computer dictionary and a translation program, which was developed in the year 1997. It has an intrusive behavior and hence not all like to have it installed in the browser or the computer. Due to this, people opt for a Babylon toolbar removal. Read on to get to know how to have Babylon and its toolbar removed from your computer.

To Uninstall From The Computer

  • Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and hit the letter R to open the Run window.
  • In the space provided, type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter to open Add/remove programs.
  • In the list that has been populated, look for Babylon. Double Click on it to uninstall, this will prompt the Babylon uninstalling wizard where you will have to select Uninstall.
  • After this double check if the software has been uninstalled completely. Go back to the Add/remove programs window and check if Babylon has been removed or not.

However, there is an alternate method to remove Babylon. Browse to the location C:\Program Files\Babylon\Babylon-Pro\Utils\ where you will locate uninstbb.exe, execute it by double clicking on it.

To Uninstall From Internet Explorer

  • Open the Internet Explorer, and locate its Options. If you are using IE 9 or IE 10, click on the Tool button and then Manage Add-Ons. If you are using IE 8, then select the option Manage Add-Ons.
  • Select the Toolbars And Extensions option from the new window that has appeared, after which you will have to look for Babylon, when you find it, Disable the toolbar by right clicking on it

    add/remove programs

    Follow same instructions to get rid of toolbar

  • Next, click on the Search Providers category, if you find any traces of Babylon, try to remove it. Also, remember to set your default search engine as Google or Bing according to your preference.
  • Now close the Internet Explorer and open it again. Now you will have to make changes in the default home page. Click on the Tools option and change the URL if it is babylon.com. Change it to msn.com, google.com, or any other page.
  • After setting your homepage, click on Apply to bring about the changes made. Restart the browser in order to apply the changes.

Try these simple methods to uninstall Babylon from your computer. If you are not able to do a successful Babylon toolbar removal, then try to upgrade your browser and antivirus software program and then try to uninstall it.

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Window Online Support

Window Online Support Article

One of the most shocking Microsoft news in recent times is the shutting down of Marketplace on Xbox.com and within the PC client. Another surprising new is that of the future of Games for Windows LIVE. It appears that Microsoft has plans to shut down the Games for Windows LIVE platform itself. At present, the software company has not yet commented on the reported closing, but did provide the time of death, so to speak, on the Age of Empires Online support page, which has since been edited to remove the closure date.

This was in a way becoming clear after Warner Bros. confirmed that Batman: Arkham Origins will not use Games for Windows LIVE, but Steamworks instead, for achievements and multiplayersupport. There was no multiplayer in the first two installments, but they did use Games for Windows LIVE to track achievements. Another unfortunate development is that even Capcom is supposedly dropping Games for Windows LIVE for Ultra Street Fighter IV in favor of Steamworks after usingMicrosoft’s platform in previous PC games like Super Street Fighter IV, Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 5 and more.

According to IGN Microsoft has not made any significant updates to the “Games for Windows LIVE” platform since 2008. At present, only a handful few of recent PC games have used the platform including Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, Iron Brigade, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and Ms. Splosion Man. The list of series that have dropped Games for Windows LIVE support include BioShock, Fallout, Red Faction and more.

According to the previous “Age of Empires Online support” page, “Games for Windows LIVE” will be discontinued on July 1, 2014. “Although it is available through Steam, Age of Empires Online requires features of the Games for Windows Live service,” the company previously stated. “You can continue to enjoy all the features of Age of Empires Online as the service will remain 100% operational until July 1, 2014 when the server will shut down.”

Traditional Landline Phone Systems

Window Online Support System

Now, with the statement now offline and when the Microsoft Company shutting down the platform’s Marketplace, there seems to be absolutely no question if the company really plans to take the service offline. The company even stated in a recent FAQ that it would no longer sell “Games for Windows LIVE” titles published by Microsoft from any marketplace. For other titles, Microsoft directs gamers to the third-party publishers. In-game purchases and regarding other downloadable content, purchase availability will vary based on the game.

We hope that this Windows online support article was informative. For other news or help regarding Windows, then you can refer to Window online support articles available online.

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